We are pleased to announce our latest roll our of Cloud Images. We have added the latest Windows 10 and Windows Server images to our cloud line up.

Don’t pay $60 per month for a Windows VPS. We know have much customers should be paying and we do not overprice our VPS Hosting services. Accordingly our starter Windows 10 VPS is only $29.99 per month and this include a pack of features:-

  • Fast 2 GB RAM
  • 1 vCPU
  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • Backups Included
  • NAT Firewall Protection
  • 120 Second Provisioning

We at OneHost Cloud & Security are a global provider of Cloud Hosting Solutions with a focus on providing secure and optimised VPS Hosting to customers who want a VPS that ‘just works’. We do not try and reinvent the wheel. All our Cloud Hosting Machines have a 100{de1057fcf39365da6bc8e0d7e1ff82afd9d2038b2a9cca06bc963838b941c688} up-time guarantee and should your VPS ever go offline for more than 10 minutes due to our mistake we will instantly credit your account with a FREE month to compensate for the downtime. We believe that customer service is paramount to any hosting provider and we excel at providing customers with fast support via our 24/7 Live Chat System. No more waiting for support staff to respond – use our LIve Chat for instant support and resolutions. Alternatively for non urgent matters you can still use our ticketing system,

So if you want no nonsense Windows VPS Hosting then we have the solutions for you to provide you with 100{de1057fcf39365da6bc8e0d7e1ff82afd9d2038b2a9cca06bc963838b941c688} up-time and 120 second provisioning we will always strive to bring you the best in Cloud VPS Hosting.

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