OneHost Cloud has based our business around customer and data privacy and protection. In this day and age privacy is extremely important and considering we are sharing most of our daily activities with Google due to our handy smart phones we do not think this invasion should also expand to customers of OneHost Cloud.

While there are many other hosting providers that openly share data to third parties via those little terms and condition boxes we so quickly agree to we do not in any way share customer data with anyone under any circumstances. And while most other hosting and cloud providers privacy terms are many pages in length, our privacy page is no more than one paragraph. This is due to the simple statement that under no circumstances will we ever share your information both personally and any information about your hosting service. This includes logs, website visitors or other data that is routinely captured in a normal hosting environment.

A quick Google search will provide hosting providers that say they care about your privacy but rarely deliver in that promise and not only are they being deceptive in that statement, we have found that if one actually reads the privacy policy that statement is utterly false. We will not name the provider however we have come across more than one and both of which are leaders in the hosting industry.

Each month on average we receive 10 requests for customer information. This includes IP addresses, customer address and contact information and visitor logs. On every occasion these requests are both ignored and filed away. We hold our customers privacy extremely high and never ever would provide any information. Should we consider that request important enough we would notify our customer of such request so they can take the appropriate action. This action is completely up to our customer and without stating what the custom should do I will leave it to your imagination. One would think that by acting in this way we are somehow perverting justice but we consider privacy and unequivocal right and thus must be protected.

Everyone has heard of Edward Snowden, the former Systems Administrator and Government Contractor for Booze Allen Hamilton and the risk and ultimate sacrifice he made to expose the privacy breaches of every American citizen by the US Government. If we allow continued breaches of our privacy we will be left with absolutely no privacy protections and a systematic invasion that will lead to other violations of our rights.

Each customer that uses our Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and even our Pentesting Hosting can be guaranteed that their privacy will be protected and we will always be here looking out for the privacy our our customers – this is what we have built our business around and our current customers rely on us to keep our privacy guarantee in place as they know that we will always be there for them.

OneHost Cloud has a number of projects in the pipeline for 2018 to increase our privacy protections and these will be implemented throughout the year, all for the benefit of our customers which we value so greatly.