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DDoS Mitigation

To protect your servers and services from attacks, OneHost Cloud & Security offers a mitigation solution based on VAC technology – an exclusive combination of techniques to:

  • Analyzing all packets at high speed in real time
  • Vacuum your server’s incoming traffic
  • Mitigate i.e. singling out all the illegitimate IP packets, while allowing legitimate ones to pass through
Network Protection

Advanced DDoS Protection

OneHost Cloud has some of the toughest mitigation methods in the business with a mixture of Cloudflare and our own in-house mitigation techniques

ATTACK Methods

There are three ways of making your site, server or infrastructure unavailable:

  • Bandwidth: this type of attack consists of saturating the server’s network capacity, rendering it unreachable.
  • Resources: this type of attack consists of depleting the machine’s system resources, which prevents it from responding to legitimate requests.
  • Exploitation of software fault: also called “exploit”, this type of attack targets a particular software fault either to make the machine unavailable or to take control of it.

ATTACK Sources

Network Protection
Managed Wordpress

In the event of an attack, CloudFlare®’s vast network acts as a buffer to insulate your site, absorbing the impact and automatically dropping malicious traffic. CloudFlare is easily added to any OneHost Cloud account, and can be configured, managed, and monitored directly from your server dashboard. In addition to providing protection from small- and medium-scale Layer 3/4 and Layer 7 attacks, CloudFlare implements a challenge system to help ensure that your site remains available to legitimate traffic — even during an attack..

Network Protection

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks can have a significant impact on your company. Whether you’re a large enterprise, a small business, an e-commerce company or a government institution, if your website is Internet facing, it is a potential target. We include free, basic protection with every server — volumetric attacks from 250 Mbps to 2 Gbps in size are automatically mitigated. For comprehensive protection, we also offer two levels of service to detect and mitigate larger, more sophisticated, and sustained DDoS attacks..

Anti DDoS Overview

If you are looking for secure and reliable hosting complete with DDoS protection against all types of attacks with strong mitigation methods then look no further

Rate Limiting

Our DDoS systems have the ability to rate limit traffic that our mitigation system deems suspicious

Port Monitoring

By utilizing various monitoring methods we can prevent excess traffic spikes and load balance valid traffic for further redundancy

Load Balancers

Our external load balancers assure traffic is balanced across our switches for guaranteed up-time and serviceability