Virtual Private Servers

Enjoy enhanced and optimized Cloud VPS Hosting with full root access and dedicated cloud dashboard, Complete power options and monitoring all included. Provisioning in less than 30 seconds

What We Offer

OneHost Cloud provides reliable, secure and performance based hosting for the customer who cares about uptime and web security.

Enhanced Security

Dedicated security profesionals monitor network traffic and prevent attacks to our network

40Gbit Networking

All our dedicated servers have full 40Gbit interfaces for extreme network performance

Solid State Disks

Maximum IOPS for high performance read and write speeds will make your VPS out perform

Dedicated Dashboard

Access the full cloud vps controls  such as power, reboot via our dedicated cloud dashboard

100% uptime SLA

We ensure 100% up-time for our public cloud to provide highly availability cloud hosting solutions

IPv4 Address

Our IPs are attached directly on the interface for easy tcp connections and other functions

Need cPanel ?

Let us install and secure cPanel on your own VPS. Our experienced cPanel staff will optimized your cPanel VPS


Rebuild your VPS instantly with our dashboard. Full rebuilds in less than 60 seconds

Multiple Distributions

Choice of cloud operating systems including CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Scientific Linux & More

Affordable Plans


What People Are Saying

We have hosted our gaming website with OneHost Cloud for the past 3 years and the service has been fantastic and support is always available when we need it Kenny Suggs

Founder, Masters of Battle Gaming

I am a complete newbie to VPS hosting. After a long consideration, I choose to get subscribed to this service provider and yeah! I never have any regrets! Great support from customer service in assisting the problem regarding my a ccount (and response really fast!) Muzaffer Mohammd

Optimized | Performance | Secure

We are confident your website will outperform on our dedicated servers and RAID 10 SSD Arrays to bring you fast and optimized hosting


Enjoy fast and secure Shared Hosting with our optimized cPanel Shared Hostin

Customers will experienced the increased performance thanks for our RAID 10 SSD storage and 40 Gbit network.

What Is Shared Hosting ?

Shared Server Hosting is the most common and affordable form of website hosting. Multiple users will share the resources of a secured server or group of secured servers in order to put their websites online for others to view. OneHost offers several affordable shared hosting services so you can find the perfect shared hosting package for your website needs

How do I get started with Shared Hosting ?

OneHost Cloud is a web host provider that makes it easy to get started with one of the fastest Shared Hosting services on the market. Simply select the shared web hosting plan that best suits your needs and follow the sign up flow. We will automatically install WordPress for you so you can quickly start building your dream website.

What Are Shared Hosting benefits ?

Affordability is the #1 benefit of Shared web Hosting. However most Shared Hosting platforms are also managed, which means that users do not have to worry about things like server management and platform patches.

What is the difference between Shared vs VPS Hosting?

In unmetered Shared Hosting you are sharing the resources of a server with multiple users, which means a specific allotment of resources (RAM, CPU, etc) are not guaranteed for your website. In Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting, you are guaranteed resources for your website, however you are often required to manage the server yourself.

What Performance Can I Expect ?

We only use SSD Storage in RAID 10 arrays for the best possible IO performance. Our networking is run on 40Gbit so you website will outperform other providers easily

Can I Get A Free Domain ?

Yes. We offer a FREE .com domain for our Ultimate plan based on annual payment. 

Get Support

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist your hosting needs. Our staff are highly trained in cPanel and hosting technologies

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