In 2019 we will  adding additional Compute Hosts to ensure the maximum performance for our Kali Linux VPS Hosting Machines

Due to the influx of orders we need to add more dedicated servers to our cloud hosting service.

Adding more servers to our public cloud is obviously a good thing as it means that customers are satisfied with our VPS cloud offerings and as such server resources are currently at 65% and due to our own internal policies we do not allow our public cloud resources to exceed 75% in order to provide the best possible performance for our customers cloud virtual instances.

This upgrade will occur over the coming days and there will be ZERO interruption to existing services as all we will be doing is building a new server, configuring it to our specifications and then adding it to our existing cloud cluster. Currently our public cloud servers are hosted in France however we have asked customers via our Community Forum and also social media for feedback on where we should expand to. This expansion could include Canada, Brazil or Australia however we have not had any feedback so on this occasion we will stick with Europe and deploy this new server to the same data center as our existing ones.

In the future if you wish to provide us with any feedback on countries where you would like to see our public cloud expanded to we always listen and welcome your feedback as without this we would not know what our customers require. We would be more than happy to deploy servers outside of the EU should there be a need for it and the only way we can know this is if you give us some feedback.

The specification if this new server will be the following:-

Intel Xeon 2xE5-2660v3 20c/40t 2.6-3.3 GHz 

32 x 960GB SSD RAID 10 with Cache controller

40Gbit Networking

We are always excited to be adding new servers and know that customers will love the performance and reliability of our new dedicated host.