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VMware vCloud


VMware vCloud Suite is an integrated offering that brings together VMware’s industry-leading vSphere hypervisor and VMware vRealize Suite multi-vendor hybrid cloud management platform. VMware’s new portable licensing units allow vCloud Suite to build and manage both vSphere-based private clouds as well as multi-vendor hybrid clouds


Deliver business value from day one with powerful server virtualization, breakthrough availability, safe automated management and intelligent operational insight that adapts to your environment.

vRealize Automation

Self-service, policy-based infrastructure and application provisioning and life-cycle management for multi-vendor virtual, physical, and public cloud environments.

Datacenter Virtualization

Leverage the world’s leading virtualization platform as the foundation for multiple data center initiatives. Consolidate servers and data centers. Improve application availability and performance. Address application requirements for scale up or scale out.

IT Automating IT

Rapidly provision infrastructure and application resources across development, test, QA and production. Effectively manage these resources from initial provisioning through retirement in order to maximize both capital and operational spending. Understand the cost of infrastructure and the consumption of resources by end users.

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VMware vCloud Virtualization

Optimised cloud network – We’ve made it easy to extend your virtual private network to the cloud with Cloud Gateway. There’s no charge to connect and transfer data to the cloud over our global network.  Extend your IT infrastructure beyond the physical limits of your data center to the cloud, without changing how you do things

vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud

Single-tenant, physically isolated infrastructure dedicated to you. Offers the broadest set of capabilities. Ideal for high performance applications and large workloads. Pay a predictable monthly fee with our subscription service

vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud

multi-tenant, logically isolated service providing performance and value. Expand your business seamlessly. Pay a predictable monthly fee with our subscription service. On-demand options are available if you purchase with credits.

Software Defined Networking

VMware vCloud supports vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) or NSX via the Neutron plugin. Although supported, the vDS has limitations in a VMware environment compared to NSX. NSX can provide support for options such as security groups and fenced environments via Firewall

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

Ensure your data is protected, recoverable and accessible with a cloud-based failover environment with recovery SLAs. Maintain critical business solutions with minimal downtime.


At OneHost Cloud we offer high performance Hosting for excellent value. Work with a team of specialists to provide you with the latests in hosting technologies
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Web Hosting

We recommend Nginx as the premier web server for high performance hosting and use Nginx on all our own websites

Tier 1 Datacenters

OneHost Cloud houses our servers in multiple datacenters across the globe which pass our strict protocols for the highest security and reliability

Openstack Cloud

We use Openstack as our hosting back-end with VMware and other production grade solutions to being you the best reliability and performance for excellent value for money



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