We have been looking at the amount of customers that are still using the normal console that we make accessible via our customer portal.

While the console access provides a fast and easy solution to access your Pentesting VPS it is not the ideal way from a performance perspective to utilize our Cloud Pentesting Services.

The console is only designed for emergency access to give customers fast and easy access to their VPS should the No Machine service not be available for any reason. While it is an effective option for normal Linux access ( those without a GUI ) it is not a viable option for those Linux machines with GUI installed.

We have pre-installed the No Machine Remote Desktop in all our Pentesting VPS images and pre-configured No Machine for the best possible performance for customers that use our Kali Linux VPS, Backbox VPS or Parrot Security VPS.

When designing a solution to offer our customers Remote Desktop access to our Pentesting Machines we tested many known software versions and only one stood out from the rest.

NoMachine uses their in-house built NX protocol which provides for high performance and is optimized for our purpose of providing access to our VPS machines. Customers can enjoy full remote access and scale their resolution so that their VPS Machine performs and displays just like as if the pentesting system was installed and running on their local machine. NoMachine gives users access to their local devices including USB’s and printers and a bunch of other peripherals.


Installing is as simple as downloading the client software from the NoMachine website and keeping all the defaults. When installed all that is required is enter your public IP address, user name and password and then pressing connect. Then you will be connected to your VPS and by selecting the screen size options the VPS will display in full screen just like if it was installed locally.

So, we implore customers to use the NoMachine software when connecting to their Pentesting VPS ( Kali Linux, Backbox and Parrot Security ) as their experience will be far more enjoyable with zero lag and better display options.