At anytime you can increase or decreased the capacity of your VPS Machines. Currently you can add additional CPU’s, Memory ( up-to 4 GB ) and Storage. The same applies to decreasing your VPS by removing CPU’s, Memory however storage CANNOT be decreased.

To upgrade your configuration simply press the Upgrade/Downgrade Option to the right of screen in your client area and select the configuration options you wish to upgrade. Once payment is complete our provisioning system will automatically configure your server with the new values. These changes will be live on your server within 2-4 minutes and there may be a small disconnection of you are connected via SSH but this is rare.

VMware Integrated Openstack

We utilize OpenStack along with VMware to bring high performance computing to our customers and upgrading /  downgrading your VPS Machines is quick and hassle free thanks to the marvels of OpenStack. As we stated above the upgrade process is almost instant and normally is complete in as little as two minutes depending on where our cron is running. Similar to upgrading customers can also downgrade their configuration if they do not need the additional resources or while their VPS is on standby. Simply select the CPU and/or Memory you wish to downgrade to and the process with be as instant as the upgrade process.

The image below displays the upgrade/downgrade menu option where you can select the configuration you require.

upgrade vps