Finally we have made some significant changes to our Tor Hidden Service Hosting.

Initially we allowed customers to access our Tor Control Panel via the clearnet however this was not an ideal solution for the privacy conscience Tor user. We have now moved our Tor services and all our customers to a new and improved platform based on the vestacp control panel.

We have made some changes to the webserver and caching system as well we are now proxing via Nginx and caching all content for massive improvement on page load times as well as improved page speed when using our control panel.

As Tor is inherently slow by default we have opted for a caching system that allows all web data to be stored directly in memory to save as much time as possible which is important with tor hosting.

Our Tor Control Panel has its own API and with integration into our billing and provisioning system all order get provisioned automatically and there are a number of available functions available via your client area. Customers can change their password directly via their client area if they even forget the control panel password of if not can login to the Tor Control Panel and change it there.

Our platform has full PhpMyAdmin Access via your onion domain and via Tor.  Access example


Backups are included in all packages and we encourage customer to backup regularly. In addition to customers backups we also take full image backups each night for even greater security and peace of mind.

SFTP Access is a new addition as we had previously disallowed any for our FTP but we now have a chroot system where customers can use SFTP and upload and download their files. An alternative would be to use the built-in File Manager we have added directly in the Tor Control Panel.

We hope that customers enjoy the additional features and notice the huge improvement in performance as like most things at OneHost Cloud we are alway improving and adding features to benefit our customers.

Your can read more about our Tor Hidden Service here

Our website can also we viewed via Tor at the following address:  onehost4o5jfwvop.onion