Here is a quick overview of our latest product – Tor Hidden Service. More specifically let us host your Tor Hidden Websites using our Nginx, Mariadb, PhpMyadmin and Easy to use Control Panel for easy upload and management of your Tor Hidden Website.

Our Tor Hidden Hosting is build on the fast and secure Nginx web server and with phpMyAdmin available, it has never been easier to manage a Tor Hidden Website. If you want to host a WordPress site we have made it easy for you…..Once you receive your .onion address you then access your dashboard and then open the tor browser. Once you add your newly created .onion address that we provide into the tor browser you will automatically be taken to the WordPress setup page where you can enter you database information and other information. Before doing this you will need to login to your dashboard and create a mysql database for WordPress. We have made it so easy to setup your very own WordPress site on the deep web.

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