Tor Hidden Hosting

Host your Tor Onion Websites with our dedicated Tor Hosting Dashboard and auto onion generator

Tor Hidden Service Hosting

Performance Tor Hosting

OneHost Cloud firmly believes in privacy and thus provides website hosting via ‘hidden’ Tor Services with easy Tor dashboard to manage your tor hidden service hosting

Tor Dashboard

Create your account and manage your Tor website via our friendly dashboard and auto provisioning interface

SSD Storage

We only useĀ  dedicated SSD storage for all our tor hosting services for high performance hosting

File Manager

Customers can use our file manager or upload via SOCKS5 proxy for secure uploads

Video Overview

Learn more about our Tor Hidden Service Hosting by watching the video below.

PHP 7 Support

If using PHP we strongly advise customers to always use PHP7 when possible. Support for PHP5.6 will cease at the end of the year and will be removed from our option soon after. Customers can choose the PHP version they require when ordering through the Tor Hosting dashboard.

MySQL with Latest MariaDB

MariaDB is provided as open source software under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPL), as is the MariaDB ColumnStore engine, which is designed for use in big data applications. MariaDB Corp. also offers a database proxy technology called MaxScale that lets querying be split across multiple MariaDB servers;

PhpMyAdmin Interface

Uploading and managing you tor hidden service databases cannot be any easier thanks to our in-built PhpMyAdmin support. Access PhpMyAdmin via the tor network for superior privacy and data protection

Static Websites or PHP

Customers can elect to deploy their site with the latest generation of PHP or with noPHP and deploy your own static HTML sites

Best In Class Tor Hosting

You will love our Tor Hidden Service for the privacy minded customer. Need more privacy ? Contact us and we will be glad to help.

SSD Storage

Our full SSD storage provides for high performance storage with high IOPS included to power the most demanding cloud tor websites

VM Isolation

It is important for our Tor Hidden Services to be as secure as possible via VM isolation and kernel protection

Enrypted Backups

Customers Tor Hidden Websites are full backed up in encrypted form for the utmost in security & privacy

Multiple PHP Support

You may choose the PHP version you require via the Tor Hidden Service dashboard. Choose PHP5.6-7.2


Manage your databases with PhpMyAdmin for easy database importing and exporting.

Hidden Service

Our Tor Hosting is a hidden service where we hide the location of our hosting as much as possible.

Want More ?

OneHost Cloud is always happy to assist customers with their privacy requirements. If you need more resources or something special contact us and we will be glad to help.

"The number #1 in Secure Tor Hidden Service Hosting"

– Ali Sayed

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