What is Tor Hidden Service Hosting ?

Tor Hosting via our custom Tor Hosting dasboard is one of a kind and has been optimized and secure for hosting private websites on the Tor network. Customers can upload thier own private keys via the registration page or all us to create a random onion address. Setup takes just minutes and we also have a custom onion generation service.

By using the Tor Browser customers can ensure that their hosting site and location on our hosting servers remain secret and your site will only be accessible via the Tor Network using the Tor Browser.

You can access your Tor Dasboard via our unique onion address and upload your website files via our SOCKS5 proxy either via FTP or our built-in file manager for fast and easy uploads.

Features and Benefits

Their are some great features of our Tor hosting which will ensure your privacy remains private and 100% uptime guarantee.

Dedicated Control Panel

We have a control panel to easily manage your Tor Hidden Service account and only accessible via the Tor Network.


Upload your website files easily via FTP/SFTP or our built-in File Manager via our SOCKS5 Proxy or our file manager.

Latest Security Hardening

Our staff have direct access to former staff at the Tor project and have detailed knowledge of Tor security and hardening.

Safe from Government Surveillance

We are a passionate hosting provider regarding customer and data privacy and are a supporter of the Tor project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

100's Current Customers

We have been hosting tor websites for 2 years and have 100's of current customers that are extrmemely happy with the 100% uptime and easy dashbaord management

Hidden Servers

Our Tor Hidden Hosting is just that - hidden. We do not divulge the location of our hosting servers and go to great lenghts to keep their location private.

Tor Hosting Pricing

Our Tor Hidden Service Hosting comes complete with its own dedicated dashboard and custom onion upload. Lifetime access available as well as monthly and annual plans.

Tor Hidden Service Hosting

Mail FTP/SFTP Storage Monthly Annually Lifetime Description Sign Up
Y Y 1 GB $4.99 $29.99 $39.99 Tor Hosting comes complete with Tor Hosting Dashboard accessed via the Tor Network and private key uploading as well as File Manager and FTP/SFTP access to upload your website via SOCKS5 proxy. Unlimited bandwidth. Sign Up

Video Guide

View and follow our brief video guides that outlines that control panel as well as the features and setup of out Tor hidden service hosting. PhpMyAdmin, Email, File Manager and private key upload or auto generating onion address are all covered in the guide. For more tutorials go to our YouTube Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manage my Tor Hosting Website ?

Our Tor Hidden Service Hosting comes complete with our dedicated control panel where you can manage all aspects of your tor hosting service including uploading, email via the Tor Network and also access your private key.

Is Tor Safe and Secure ?

Customers need to implement their own security protocols as we have secured Tor for hosting purposes and have hidden the servers but you still need to implement proper OpSec to have increased security.

Can I get a Tor Hosting Trial ?

Unfortunately no. Our Tor Hosting is a purpose build platform and we have invested heavily in providing a secure platform for Tor Hosting.

What content can I host ?

What customers chose to host on our Tor Hosting is up to them as we do not review or access any of our customers sites so we do not know what is being hosting. If we are notified that any child exploitation content is being hosted we will remove the site.

Will my privacy be protected ?

In accordance with our privacy policy, OneHost Cloud will never shared or give up any information to any one under any circumstances. The privacy or our customers is paramount to the success of our business and all requests for information we will ignore.

Do you provide support ?

Support is provided in limited circumstances. Due to the nature of our Tor Hosting we do not want to access customers sites or know what is on them as we merely provide the platform. Any support related requests will only be considered if there is an y issue with our platform. We have guides to most support questions on our Support Site

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