While recently traveling from London I was thinking about OneHost Cloud and other ‘large’ Web Hosting providers and why customers would choose our company over some of the large and well known hosting providers.

I started to think of other examples in the real world that I could apply my thinking to better explain what customers should take into account and why the larger providers are not always the better choice.


As an example:-


There are literally hundreds of different car manufactures around the world from Citroen to Maserati to Renault to Ferrari. While a Ferrari looks great and is far more expensive is still gets from point A to point B in exactly the same was as a Citroen albeit slightly faster. My brand new expensive car gets me to where I want to go, has a radio, power windows, air-conditioning and leather seats just like my older trusty Citroen.


So where does hosting come into this ? The point I am trying to make is that while Ferrari may be the more recognizable and been around longer it does not do anything more than the Citroen even though the Citroen engineers are well qualified with many years of experience, can built a car that is secure, reliable and gets you from point A to point B.


OneHost Cloud has been around for a relatively short time in comparison to the other big providers that are mostly owned by the one corporation ( I will post another about this later ). OneHost Cloud has a small team a dedicated professionals passionate about security, networking and cloud hosting. We use the same infrastructure as these larger hosts such as Openstack, VMware, Ceph and other well known hosting applications. We do not have the marketing budget of the larger hosting providers thanks to them owned by a large corporation so we are left to dedicate ourselves to taking care of the customers we have by providing personalized service and valuing customer loyalty. Being a customer of OneHost Cloud provides you with the assurance that your data will remain private as our directors guarantee provides that at no time will we ever share information to anyone UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. We feel that we are one of the very few that can state this as we know from past requests that we have ignored ever single request for information. The same cannot be said for the larger providers whom are governed by shareholders and other archaic laws that prevent them from ignoring any request. You can be sure that if you are a current customer of one of the larger hosts that your data is not your own and if you read their fine print `I am sure that once you become their customer they can use your personal information however they see fit. The days of privacy are gone and it is only companies and organizations such as OneHost Cloud, Wikileaks, Electronic Frontier Foundation and RiseUp that privacy for our and their customers exist. These aforementioned organizations do a wonderful job and protecting customer privacy and this should always be commended.


In light of all this, while some may feel that the shiny advertisements are to their liking or giving away their personal data to a big corporation, we feel that the Citroen that is OneHost Cloud will always get you from point A to point B however in our case we will get you  there just as fast as any Ferrari.