SHA-2 SSL Certificates


Do you have an SSL certificate installed on your website? If so, please check if your certificate was generated using the SHA-1 algorithm. We would urge customers using SHA-1 based SSL certificates to consider replacing them with ones generated using SHA-2 algorithm.

Google announced its plan for sunsetting SHA-1, Mozilla has done the same, and Microsoft actually laid out their plans before the others. There does not seem to be an official announcement on Safari’s support of SHA-1 that we could find, but considering how the majority of the industry is deprecating SHA-1, an announcement from Apple should not be far away!

We would definitely not recommend waiting until such a time when most major browsers start issuing warnings when connecting to websites that use SHA-1 based SSL certificates. Imagine how unnerving that would be for visitors to your website and can be quite damaging to your website’s reputation! We would recommend making the switch to SHA-2 based SSL certificates as quickly as possible.

If you purchased your SSL certificate through us, we will help you with the entire process of making the switch including regenerating the certificate using the SHA-2 algorithm and installing that in place of your old certificate.  All you need to do is to send in a ticket to our support department and they will let you know what is involved. There is no additional fee for this, and we will help you every step of the way!

If you had purchased your SSL certificate elsewhere, you would need to contact them to have your certificate regenerated. Once you have the new certificate, simply submit the form within your web portal to have it installed!

Thank you, and please feel free to contact our support team in case you have any questions!