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United States Terrorists

Recently we were notified that we no longer can process payments from countries such as North Korea, Cuba, Iran and a few others. ( see post ). On receipt of this news we quickly notified Bitpay ( our merchant provider ) outlining the severe disagreement to this new sanctions.

OneHost Cloud has founded our business on security, privacy and without discrimination on your location. Anyone should have the right to have a voice and in our business this comes in the form of personal blog posts, business websites and forums. We as a Cloud Hosting Provider cannot and will not ever discriminate against customers who may live in these countries that the United States has imposed sanctions as we believe that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies were built and founded on the proviso that payments are both anonymous and come without regulation. Obviously we understand that regulation must be imposed to prevent terrorism and any payments that expolit children however if a customer living in Iran or North Korea want to start a business website or personal blog then who is the United States to say otherwise ?

OneHost Cloud can assure customers of these countries that we will always work with you to provide services to you regardless of any sanctions imposed by the global terrorists better known as the United States. Its like pot calling the kettle black when the United States wages war against countries on the basis that there may be terrorism activities going on but many normal citizens are blinded and naive to look closer to home as the evidence suggest that the biggest Terrorism Organization in the World is the United States.

With Hillary Clinton in Haiti to the Murder of Gaddafi just to steal his gold and Oil. The same can be said for Saddam Hussein. What these 2 have in common is both rejected the US Dollar and both had vast oil reserves that the United States wanted and they created a narrative that allowed then to invade without consequences.

The US Terrorists are far worse than any fighter in Iraq or Syria. Let me ask you this – if someone can and killed your family, blew up you home and you have nothing left what would you do ? Many people in these countries choose to fight for what little they have left and because they choose to go up against the very country that too everything from them they then are labeled terrorists. I secretly pray that Russia would wage war on the United States to teach them a valuable lesson that they are not the world’s police and they cannot invade countries without repercussions.

Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in prison ? If you are I did just half of what she did we would be in prision serving many years but considering she is part of the United State Terrorists groups she is given a pass while congress holds all these meetings which are just all hot air. James Comey lied so did many others and they are never held to account. With Police now being targeted and 2 recently killed I encourage this as the more that are killed the others may think twice about shooting an innocent unarmed person. The police know the dangers so when they are shot, killed or otherwise there is always an outcry. Here’s a solution – if you do not want to leave your wife a widow and children fatherless then get out of the job…period.

Well I digress. What has all this have to do with Cloud Hosting ? Slowly over the years we have witnessed other of the big hosting providers being forced to remove content based up on it may hurt a certain minority group. Take the KKK for instance. While not all agree with their views it are their views are no one can tell them what to believe in or think. I recently was watching Fox News which was showing excepts of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg and he was asked by a black member of congress if her would consider hiring more African American people. Mr Zuckerburg replied with he would look into it. Why could he not respond with, ‘we hire the best people for the job and the majority of those people are white’. ? The simple fact is that there may not be many black people that have the intellect or other qualities to suit the job requirements. No company should be forced to hire African Americans just because they do not have enough on staff. A company has an obligation to its shareholders to do what it right for them and the company and if that includes not hiring mediocre employees then so be it. No one should be force to now hire based on race. I can assure you that if a black man or woman applied for any position in our company and they had the credentials race would never come into it. There are some very bright black people and many more white people as well as pink orange and blue and I would hire the best and not because I need more blue or pink people in my business.

OneHost Cloud is never going to be the biggest hosting provider and we are ok with that. We believe we are the only provider that can say that we never have and never will share any information with anyone, be it Governments, Law Enforcement or Intelligence Agencies. I will say that we will remove content ourselves if we deem it necessary such as any content that exploits children as that is where we draw the line.

We receive requests almost weekly for information and each time we inform our customer so they can take the appropriate action. It is not up to us to do the job of Law Enforcement by providing information on our customers. Anyway even if we wanted to as storage is heavily encrypted and is almost impossible to get customers information except names and addresses. Our servers logs are purged hourly and are never stored.

We have taken massive steps to be a hosting provider that will never be coerced into doing something that we do not want to do. We are know and always will be know as a hosting provider that customers can feel safe that their website, VPS, Kali Linux Hosting Server or any other of our services will remain private and know our staff is always on alert including our Cyber Team to monitor all aspects of our business to keep our data and our customers safe and we will continue to do exactly that.

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