Install WordPress on Tor

Installing WordPress is very easy and requires manual uploading of files and database creation.

Firstly you need to create your onion account via our Tor control panel.

Once you receive the auto generated onion address you will need to contact support so we can activate your new onion address.

Choose the PHP version you require. In most cases it is advisable to use PHP 7.2
Optional upload your own private key if you already have your own onion address.

Leave the settings as below.

Install WordPress on Tor

Once support activates your account you can login using the credentials you created previously.

Once logged in using the File Manager which is towards the bottom of the screen.

When you open the file manger it will look like below. The public directory where your website content needs to be is under the ‘www’ directory.

Install WordPress on Tor

Now you need to download WordPress via a ZIP file here

Once downloaded we cannot simply upload that file because once we unzip it the file structure will create a wordpress folder inside the www directory which is not what we want. We need the content ‘inside’ the wordpress folder to be in the www folder. To do this we will unzip the wordpress file and then select all the folders and files and zip again. This will ensure that once we upload it to our tor hosting that the files will unzip where they are supposes to be. Below you can see how we done this.

Below we are inside the wordpress folder on our local machine and we need to select all the files and folders and the zip all while they are selected.

You can find the complete install guide on our Community Site using this URL here