Initial Firewall Setup

We have introduced our built-in firewall for all our cloud instances. By default all ports are closed and customers will need to implment firewall rules to allow access to their virtual machines.

To setup inbound access to your machines you will need to visit your client area and first select the “Firewall Tab”.

You then need to add rules to alow inbound traffic. By default all outbound traffic is allowed.

If you require SSH port you need to leave the source as blank as end port will also be 22.

Source CIDR can be any such as If you have your own static IP at your home or workplace you can enter the source as your static IP to restrcit access to port 22 from only your IP address.

Click on the ‘Add New Rule’ button.

If you need SSH access you can leave the source and port blank and destination enter port22.

If you have a static IP address you can enter this in the source IP so only that IP can access your cloud servers.

Here is the simply firewall rule that will allow any IP to SSH to your VPS but this is not advisable to leave this open to all.

If you want to allow SSH and ICMP traffic your 2 rules will look like this.

Those customers that use our pentesting service will need to open port 3389 for RDP traffic. You can open RDP port 3389 by simply adding another rules but this time use 3389 as the destination port.

You can find images for the firewall setup here

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