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What are the OneHost Cloud Nameservers ?

Depending on your service the nameservers will be different. When ordering the nameservers will be contained in the welcome email.

If using our Pentesting Cloud and you have purchased a DNS plan you will need to update your nameservers to the following:-

Please note that the above nameservers will ONLY work if you have purchased a DNS plan for our Cloud VPS Hosting.

Can I upgrade my shared hosting plan ?

Certainly. You can upgrade with no downtime via the client area and selecting the upgrade option. Once your order is complete our system will upgrade your hosting plan automatically.

I am receiving resource limits exceeded. What does this mean ?

We use Cloudlinux on our Shared Hosting. This provides jailed environments with dedicated resources per customer so that any one customer cannot use all the servers resources. If you are receiving this message you may have to upgrade to a higher plan with more resource limits or consider one of our VPS Hosting plans. Additionally you should also check for rouge WordPress plugins and also use Cloudflare.

Can I host a streaming site on shared hosting ?

No you cannot. Due to the limitations we have we do not allow any such service on our shared hosting. This only applies to downloadable content that is stored on our servers and not from a third party website.

Are there any restrictions on our hosting ?

Yes and while we pride ourselves on privacy and a free and open internet we do need to limit some content. We do not allow the following content :-

Terrorism Material

Child Pornography

Phishing Scripts

Any site or content that affects the performance of our network such as Botnets or like sites.

If you host any of the above sites your site will be terminated and NO refunds will be provided in accordance with our Terms of Service.