Cloudflare DDoS Protection Tip #98


Today we were asked how to further improve DDoS protection when using Cloudflare. As many of you know Cloudflare is a reverse proxy which masks ( hides ) the public IP posted in the DNS ‘A’ Record. This forces all traffic to use the domain name and as the IP is unknown attackers cannot attack […]

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Should Hosting Providers Be Certified ?

We often see many new Cloud Hosting providers popup and disappear weekly without notice or explanation and this is is what makes it so difficult for new hosting providers to break into the market. These days it is very easy to setup and call yourself a ‘web hosting provider’. A cpanel reseller account is all […]

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New Look Website and Extended Validation SSL

In time for the new year and 2018 we have been creating a new look website with new information and products as well as our Extended Validation SSL Certificate. One main product is our Containers as a service where we have built a platform based on VMware and Docker to run performance based and secure […]

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