Cloudflare DDoS Protection Tip #98


Today we were asked how to further improve DDoS protection when using Cloudflare. As many of you know Cloudflare is a reverse proxy which masks ( hides ) the public IP posted in the DNS ‘A’ Record. This forces all traffic to use the domain name and as the IP is unknown attackers cannot attack […]

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Bitpay US Currency Sanctions


OneHost Cloud have just received an email from Bitpay ( our Bitcoin Merchant Provider ) who states that we can no longer receive Bitcoin payments from the following sanctioned countries due to Bitpay US Currency Sanctions :- North Korea Iran Sudan Syria Cuba As we are a Global Cloud Hosting provider we cannot prevent or restrict […]

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Should Hosting Providers Be Certified ?

We often see many new Cloud Hosting providers popup and disappear weekly without notice or explanation and this is is what makes it so difficult for new hosting providers to break into the market. These days it is very easy to setup and call yourself a ‘web hosting provider’. A cpanel reseller account is all […]

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