New Community Site

Community Site

We have recently added our new Community site via Docker and Discourse. We believe that this new Community page will ensure we can engage with customers and others about all matters regarding Kali Linux, Pentesting and our VPS and Shared Hosting. To ensure great content we are giving away free VPS machines and other hosting […]

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Kali Linux 2018.2 Release – Pentesting Cloud

Kali Linux 2018.2

The latest addition to Offensive Security and their world renowned Kali Linux Pentesting distribution has arrived with Kali Linux 2018.2. As most of you know OneHost Cloud is the premier and possibly the number one Cloud Hosting Provider in the Pentesting Field or providing Cloud Pentesting Solutions to Cyber Security Professionals and other individuals in […]

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Bitpay US Currency Sanctions


OneHost Cloud have just received an email from Bitpay ( our Bitcoin Merchant Provider ) who states that we can no longer receive Bitcoin payments from the following sanctioned countries due to Bitpay US Currency Sanctions :- North Korea Iran Sudan Syria Cuba As we are a Global Cloud Hosting provider we cannot prevent or restrict […]

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Why We Value Your Privacy

OneHost Cloud has based our business around customer and data privacy and protection. In this day and age privacy is extremely important and considering we are sharing most of our daily activities with Google due to our handy smart phones we do not think this invasion should also expand to customers of OneHost Cloud. While […]

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Cloud Pentesting with Kali Linux and OneHost Cloud

OneHost Cloud has been offering Kali Linux VPS Hosting for approximately 2 years and have created a platform that allow Cyber Security professionals, Hackers, IT Managers and various other professional in the Cyber Security Arena to create and utilize our cloud based pentesting virtual machine running the popular Kali Linux 2018.1 operating system. We have […]

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The Ferrari The Citroen and Hosting

While recently traveling from London I was thinking about OneHost Cloud and other ‘large’ Web Hosting providers and why customers would choose our company over some of the large and well known hosting providers. I started to think of other examples in the real world that I could apply my thinking to better explain what […]

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