Adding SSH Key for VPS Machines

Our public cloud virtual servers use SSH based key authentication so in order to login to your newly created VPS you will need to add your public SSH key into the cloud dashboard.

In order to complete this follow the easy guide below.

Step 1 – Login to the cloud dashboard #

Visit the URL for the Cloud Dashboard

Step 2 – Adding Your Public SSH Key #

Once you are logged into the Cloud Dashboard click on your username then go to the settings. Here you will find various options including SSH Keys like below. Paste your public SSH key into the field and save. Once you have completed this you can create your virtual cloud server and you can use your SSH key to login using Putty or a terminal emulator.

Step 3 – Create your cloud server. #

Once you have successfully added your SSH key and created your cloud server you can login to your newly created cloud instance.

Finally #

If you have any trouble following the guide above please feel free to contact our support staff and they will assist you promptly.

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