Cloudflare DDoS Protection Tip #98


Today we were asked how to further improve DDoS protection when using Cloudflare. As many of you know Cloudflare is a reverse proxy which masks ( hides ) the public IP posted in the DNS ‘A’ Record. This forces all traffic to use the domain name and as the IP is unknown attackers cannot attack […]

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The Global Terrorists – The United States

Privacy, Hosting and Governments Recently we were notified that we no longer can process payments from countries such as North Korea, Cuba, Iran and a few others. ( see post ). On receipt of this news we quickly notified Bitpay ( our merchant provider ) outlining the severe disagreement to this new sanctions. OneHost Cloud […]

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Bitpay US Currency Sanctions


OneHost Cloud have just received an email from Bitpay ( our Bitcoin Merchant Provider ) who states that we can no longer receive Bitcoin payments from the following sanctioned countries due to Bitpay US Currency Sanctions :- North Korea Iran Sudan Syria Cuba As we are a Global Cloud Hosting provider we cannot prevent or restrict […]

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