Secure Networking with NSX

NSX is a Software-Defined Network (SDN) solution developed by VMware, which is activated at the vCenter level, and is managed directly from your vSphere interface. With NSX, you can configure the rules to access your networks, create your security policy and deploy the different network services that you need to build your infrastructure, in just a few minutes!


Load Balancer

Data Security

IP SpoofGuard

NSX Edge Gateway Security

Software Defined Networking


This NSX feature enables the transformation of network security inside a data center. For example, if a security threat enters the network, NSX does not allow it to move to other servers and thereby reduces the overall security attack or breach risk, damages and cost to your business. Thus, micro-segmentation enables better control over the workloads in visualized networks and security is a major part of it.

Enhanced Provisioning

NSX reduces our network provisioning time considerably to just a few minutes or seconds, instead of the long waiting time (in terms of days or months) with traditional network hardware. Thus, the time-to-market for applications or services is improved significantly, leading to better productivity.

Software Defined Networking