cPanel Shared Hosting

Cpanel Shared Hosting - DMCA Protection - 100% Uptime

Our Shared Hosting Clusters provide the ultimate in privacy protections and performance via SSD RAID 10 Arrays and fast 10 Gbit Networking

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Maintain your online privacy and your ensure website uptime with our 100% website uptime guarantee. Free SSL via Let's Encrypt and generous inode limits and huge resource limits Shared Hosting Cluster. Need more Privacy ? Try our Bulletproof Hosting hosted in CyberBunker.

Bulletproof Hosting

Enjoy the performance of our dedicated cpanel shared hosting cluster on SSD RAID 10 and healthy resource limits via Cloudlinux. Your Privacy Guaranteed

  • Fast Provisioning

    Our Shared Hosting can be provisioned in less than 40 seconds thanks to our optimized provisioning system. Domain regiatrations in less than 60 seconds

  • Location

    We have multiple locations for our shared hosting - France (Europe)and Dallas (United States). For the best performance we encourage customers to use our EU Cluster as this is the latest cluster which has the latest cpanel and hardware. Extreme Performance.

  • Latest Cpanel

    Our Shared Hosting Platform runs the latest cPanel version with all features enabled by default. Our enginners are on hand to resolve any issues with hardware or software that affect your site.

  • Free SSL - Let's Encrypt

    Our EU Cluster has the Let's Encrypt module installed so customers can install FREE SSL certificates on their website. Installation takes less than 30 seconds and automatic cron renews your certificate.

  • 1 Click App Installer

    Our Shared Hosting come complete with Softaculous 1 click installer so you can install all your favourite apps including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, PhpBB and Many Many More.

Features and Benefits

Our Bulletproof Hosting has some of the best features available in the bulletproof hosting arena.

Latest Cpanel Web Panel

We make is easy to manage your website with Cpanel Web Hosting Manager configured for privacy and Cloudlinux for resource protection.

Cloudlinux Protection

Our Shared Hosting comes with Cloudlinux to maintain complete control over server resources and to maintain fairness between other sites on the same dedicated server

Isolated Platform

We use CageFS for account isolation and protection from other shared hosting accounts and resource hogs. Your account always receive the same amount of resources no matter what other customers are doing.

Global Datacenters

Our shared hosting datacenters have been selected specifically that have been vetted by our management team and have passed strict tests that match our hosting policies that we are governed by.

Professionally Managed Infrastructure

Our proven expertise in our normal hosting environment allows our experienced dedicated team to actively maintain our hosting servers from threats and security vulerabilities

24/7 Support

Expert support from our small team of Linux Engineers, Hackers, Cyber Professionals and passionate privacy staff that go to great lenghts to maintain customer privacy.

Enterprise Grade Dedicated Servers

Our standard Shared Hosting servers have 96GB Memory, 16 Core CPU's and RAID 10 SSD Arrays for maximum performance of your sites

Built by Cyber Experts

We only employ staff that has been vetted and abides by the strcitest in background checking. Former hackers that know hosting security give valuable assistance to our Cyber Intelligence team for the best in Cyber Security.


We have a nunber of pre-configured packages with specific Memory, CPU and Storage. You can at any time upgrade as you needs increase or contact us for a custom plan. All plans come with RAID 10 SSD Storage Arrays with snapshot function along with full Cloud Dashboard.

Cpanel Hosting Packages

Plan Name Domains Mailboxes Databases Storage Bandwidth Price Description Sign Up
Starter 1 5 1 5 GB 1 TB $1.99pm Annual Only All plans come with RAID 10 SSD Arrays, Cpanel and Softaculous by default and fast 10 Gbit networking. Additional resources available. 100% Guaranteed Website uptime Sign Up
Business 1 10 1 10 GB 500 GB $3.99 An additional domain and 200 GiB bandwdith for all your Bulletproof Hosting needs. DMCA Ignored Hosting on all plans. Sign Up
Premium 3 ULTD 3 20 GB 1 TB $6.99 Our Premium Plan for customers wishing to host multiple domains and MySQL Databases. 1 GB Uplinks for fast network connectivity. Sign Up
Ultimate 5 500 5 20 GB 2 TB $9.99 The Ultimate in Bulletproof Hosting with 10 GB SSD Storage and 5 domains to host multiple website that are guaranteed DMCA protection and uptime. Sign Up

Additional Specifications

Starter Business Premium Ultimate Description
Inodes 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 Inodes are limits for the amount of files allowed in your hosting storage
CageFS Y Y Y Y Protect your 24/7 content with a virtualized file system.
CloudLinux Y Y Y Y Keep your website online within truly balanced limits on CPU usage, RAM and disk I / O
Database MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL Our Cpanel hosting uses the latest MariaDB - a replacement for MySQL that has more performance for busy websites.
Cpanel Yes Yes Yes Yes The standard control panel that provides access to all necessary functions and hosting settings.
Installer Softaculous Softaculous Sofaculous Sofaculous
Memory 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB Dedicated Memory also with virtual memory for your hosting account. vMEM limits - 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB respectively.
DMCA Protection N N N Y In addition to our Bulletproof Hosting our Ultimate Plan also has limited DMCA protection. For complete DMCA protection please sign up for our Bulletproof Hosting as this provides guaranteed protection for all content.
PHP 5.6 - 7.2 5.6 - 7.2 5.6 - 7.2 5.6 - 7.2 We enable multiple PHP versions that can be enabled via Cpanel. By default we enable PHP version 5.6 however this can be changed easily via cPanel
Webserver Apache Apache Apache Apache cPanel used the default Apache Webserver by default which provides great performance and features.
Free Let's Encrypt SSL No Yes Yes Yes We have the Let's Encrypt SSL module install in our EU Cpanel Cluster to provide free SSL certificates to all plans excluding our starter plan to secure your site with SSL.
Storage RAID 10 SSD RAID 10 SSD RAID 10 SSD RAID 10 SSD Our Shared Hosting Clusters rely on RAID 10 on SSD for superior performance and i/o read and write speed. All storage arrays are mirrored for redundancy.
Hourly Mail Limit 50 300 300 500 In order to prevent spam our Shared Hosting outbound mail is limited depending on the hosting plan purchased.
Website Statistics Y Y Y Y Complete website logging and statistics can be viewed and obtained via cPanel.
Python Y Y Y Y

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I managed my Shared Hosting account ?

All of our Shared Hosting uses the popular Cpanel Web Hosting Manager for easy management of your hosting account.

What is the memory for shared hosting ?

We have dedicated memory for all hosting accounts. Depending on the plan this can include 2GB, 4GB and 8GB for our Ultimate plan.

What features or limitations are specific to OneHost Cloud ?

Our limits and resctricts are all contained on our Terms of Service. We understand that their are times when we need to make exceptions and will do so after a review. For the best protection and privacy you need to use our Bulletproof Hosting service.

How Is The Transfer Caculated ?

Our shared hosting has limits for bandwidth depending on the plan. The limits are caluculated based on both uploads and downloads.

Depending on the VPS plan our Cloud Clusters run on a mixture of VMWare, Openstack and Hadoop while using the Virtualizor API to provide a VPS dashboard.

I need more protection. Do you have Bulletproof Hosting ?

Yes we do. Our Bulletproof Hosting is a dedicated server base in CyberBunker in the Netherlands. We offer pure DMCA protection and anything goes hosting. Your website will stay online under our 'No Matter What' policy.

What features or limitations are specific to your cShared Hosting

We have strict limits due to it being shared hosting as we have other customers to consider and cannot have one customers use our services that affect other customers. We do not allow any form of streaming services or public downloads. In addition Spamming is prohibited and any customer that breaches our Terms of Service. will have their account terminated


How can I purchase a Shared Hosting Plan ?

Purchasing any Shared Hosting Plan takes less than a few minutes and can be started by visting our Shared Hosting page by clicking on the Sign Up button next to the respective plan you wish to purchase.

What Hostname and Nameservers to I Enter ?

Depending on the location of your hosting severs the nameservers will be sent upon signing up.

Can I try Your Hosting before I buy?

Unfortunately we do not have any trials for our Shared Hosting however if you are a busines customer and can prove that you are legitimately trialling our services with the intention to purchase we may be able to provide a limited trail. Contact Us for more information.

Do you have any promo codes ?

From time to time we do run promotions for specials. These are posted via our social media pages and also on our Support Site in the forums. Sign Up to our Forums to get alerts when we post any promos.


What is Cloudlinux ?

CloudLinux is a hardened kernel that provides hardened PHP and other features in Cpanel. Cloudlinux also provides CageFS for jails for each hosting account..

What regions are available for my infrastructure?

Currently our Cloud Hosting is based in Europe, France in an OVH Datacenter. We have plans for expand to other global datacenters later in 2018.

Can I upgrade/Downgrade anytime ?

Yes. You can upgade your Shared Hosting plans anytime by selecting the upgrade option in your client area.

What 2FA authentication mechanisms are supported?

We encourage all customers to enable and use 2FA for their VPS Dashboard and also our client area. You can enable these by logging into each one and setup 2FA as you normally would using Google Authenticator or other App that is compatible with Google Authenticator.


What is the Difference Between EU Cluster and US Based Cluster ?

Obviously the location however our EU cluster is best for performance and large websites. Our US based Cluster is ideal for smaller Wordpress and sites that have large US based traffic. Our US based cluster does NOT have Free SSL.

Can I move between EU Cluster and US Cluster ?

Yes you can however if you need our assistance in moving your site there will be a wait time normally one day while we allocate a staff member to move you data.

I want to move to a VPS. Can you help ?

Customers that have outgrown shared hosting or simply want to move to a VPS can do so provising they know how to manage a Virtual Private Server.