Shared Hosting

Run your websites on our full SSD storage and latest generation Intel CPU servers

What Is Shared Hosting ?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users utilize the resources on a single server, which keeps the costs low. Users each get a section of a server in which they can host their website files. Shared servers can hosts hundreds of users. Each customer using the shared hosting platform’s server has access to features like databases, monthly traffic, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts and other add-ons offered by the host.


Cpanel Dashboard

cPanel is basically a Control panel for managing your hosting service and is included in all of Pickaweb´s Hosting packages. The great thing is that it allows non technical people to manage all aspects of their hosting without the need for advanced technical skills.

Most people will use cPanel for basic, everyday tasks like managing and administering their email. Tasks like creating email accounts, resetting passwords, setting up mail forwarders are really easy with cPanel Hosting.

CloudLinux & CageFS

CageFS is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to lock each user in its own ‘cage’. Each customer will have its own fully functional filesystem, with all the system files, tools, etc.

Many people try to secure hosting using php.ini file – this gives some results, yet PHP.ini restrictions are often easy to circumvent. Additionally, they will not work at all for CGI scripts. That’s why we decided to develop a more effective tool for increasing security at the server and created CageFS.

Let’s Encrypt SSL

All our shared hosting plans comes FREE with Let’s Encrypt SSL. Customers can use the Let’s Encrypt Icon in cPanel to easily deploy your SSL certificates to secure your website and ensure your site benefits from the additional SEO that SSL provides.

Cloudflare CDN

We make it easy for customers to integrate and add your site to Cloudflare and make use of their Content Delivery Network. Cloudflare speeds up your site and caches static content via their 156 datacenters positioned throughout the globe.

Serverless + Cloudflare

OneHost Cloud is developing code and scripts to deploy via Cloudflare Workers to enhance our shared hosting to provide performance technologies for our shared hosting customers. While this is currently in development we are excited to be conducting testing for deployment later in 2019.

100's Serverless Recipes & Quick Start Guides

Start with an extensive library of code snippets and recipes. Join the Cloudflare Workers community site to learn from other users.

Increase API responsiveness

Create a flexible API gateway to aggregate responses from multiple endpoints and return as a single response, eliminating the need for each endpoint to compile individual responses. Each request can also be split into multiple parallel requests then combined into a single response.

"OneHost Cloud Shared Hosting provides our WordPress sites great performance and security"

– Paul Cooper

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