We have optimized our Remote Desktop Kali Linux VPS Hosting application to be the greatest asset to our Kali Linux VPS Hosting solution.

We had tested many many remote desktop applications and only one had the performance and ease of use that we were after. No Machine is a fully functional enterprise remote desktop application that uses high compression and optimization to allow our Kali Linux VPS Instances to function and perform just like a local install. There are many features that are included:

  • The NoMachine NX Protocol
  • Access and share the physical desktop
  • H.264 client side support
  • Screen recording
  • USB forwarding
  • HTTP proxy connections
  • Support for industry standard SSH protocol
  • Full encryption for UDP traffic

These are just some of the awesome features of Kali Linux and NoMachine. They go hand in hand and are perfect for accessing a remote VPS Instance while using our 10Gbit Network your VPS will be sure to perform better than your expectations.

OneHost Cloud is the #1 Pentesting Hosting Provider and along with Kali Linux we also now have the latest Parrot Security and Backbox. These two pentesting distros are ideal for security professionals who take pride in their pentest. Soon we will be adding more Pentesting Distros and if you or other customer request a particular distro we will certainly take it in to account when we decide what Pentesting Distro to add next. Our Parrot Security VPS Hosting starts at just $14.99, our Backbox VPS Hosting $9.99 and of course our Kali Linux VPS with a huge 50GB SSD Storage and 2GB RAM for just $14.99 you can be assured that you are receiving excellent value for money. You can read the review that a well know Hacking Tutorial website gave our Kali Linux VPS. You can read it here in full.

If you are not convinced we do offer a 24 hour trial for only $5. Or if you purchase a monthly plan and are not happy after 24 hours you can contact us and we will provide you with a full refund.