Our team has been hard at work implementing the latest Kali Linux version for our Kali Linux customers. We have listened to your requests and have implemented some new changes to our old Kali VPS Hosting.

We now have added the Gnome version of Kali Linux which has become the standard flavor favourite of Kali users. In addition we have also pre-installed our tried and tested Remote Desktop software from NoMachine. We have had discussions with numerous Remote Desktop software providers and discussed the requirements of both OneHost Cloud and our customers and what we needed to provide a fast, stable and secure solution. The application that we found was best was NoMachine. This smart piece of software allows full Remote Desktop capabilities just like the well known Windows Remote Desktop ( RDP ) but with greater performance and increased user features.

As we have pre-installed the NoMachine software in our Kali Images all you need to do to get started and connect to your Kali Linux VPS is go to the NoMachine website here and download the No Machine client software for your particular operating system. NoMachine is suitable for all systems including Android and iOS device so you can even use your smart phone or tablet to connect to your Kali Linux VPS. While there are many features with NoMachine the one that we like is the sharing of files between your local PC and your VPS. This enables you to copy files, scripts and anything else to your VPS without setting up complex mapped drives and FTP.

To get started with your very own Kali Linux VPS all you need to do is visit our Kali Linux page on our website and order you selected VPS. Once you complete your order we will automatically provision your VPS within 120 seconds. Once provisioning is complete you can use our console connection to change the default password you received in your welcome email. Once this is done you can then use the NoMachine client software and connect to your VPS…..it is that easy.

Please be aware that using the console feature we provide in your customer area for day to day use will see you experiencing performance issues as this is not designed for everyday use. This is why we have setup NoMachine Remote Desktop as we want our customers to experience their Kali Linux VPS with as much performance as possible.

If you have any questions about our Kali Linux VPS Hosting please feel free to use our live chat service or drop us an email via our website.