We have recently added a new Status Page where you can instantly view our operational status

Customers can now enjoy our updated Cloud Status page to provide an insight into the health of our cloud services. Additionally customers can also subscribe and receive emails instantly when there is planned maintenance or performance issues related to your cloud service. There is also the ability to select the services you wish to monitor so that you only receive notifications via email of services or activities you want. For example if you have a Virtual Private Server  then you would make sure that this option is selected. This ensures that you are not receiving alerts that do not related to you such as Shared Hosting. you want to receive all alerts you can also, simply leave all options ticked and you will receive alerts each time we update the site with either notification of planned maintenance of current issues relating to our services. This new status site is a huge improvement to our previous site and we are very happy with it. This is just another example of OneHost Cloud continually improving and bring new and improved solutions to our cloud hosting customers. You can view our Status Page by visiting the URL https://status.onehostcloud.hosting