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Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Privacy Protections with OneHost Cloud.

OneHost Cloud has built its business model around providing the best in class privacy protections for our customers. When we see daily the leaking of personal and business information on the internet, there is nothing that is more important to us than protecting your data and personal information at all costs.

We have implemented strict internal processes to restrict access to our customers information by staff where only access is provided to staff that require access in order to carry out their duties and with strict logging of who and why any customers information is accessed. This allows for complete control over our data and these processes are routinely audited to ensure they continue to follow our own strict internal procedures.

How We Protect Your Privacy

Strict Internal Processes

Quarterly Auditing

Strict Staff Access Controls

Compliance Procedures

Annual Data Security Checkup

Data Retention Policies

Daily Offsite Backups

Data Purging

Security Logging & Auditing

Removal as Customers Request

How Your Can Benefit From Our Protection

Peace Of Mind

As a OneHost Cloud customer you can rest easy knowing you have us looking our for your interests when it comes to your data privacy

Multi-Level Encryption

All databases and other data that contain your information is encrypted with the latest in encryption technologies. No plain data is ever stored on our servers...ever!

Third Party Requests

Any request from any third party will be automatically rejected. OneHost Cloud will never provide any information to anyone outside of the OneHost Cloud Limited company

Zero Data Sharing

We don't outsource any service so your data will never be exposed to third parties. We also will NEVER share your data or personal information UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

Data Requests

Should you require it we will happily advise you of the information we have regarding yourself however this information will just be information you have provided.

2 Factor Authentication

We encourage all customers to enable and implement 2 factor authentication in both their client area and cloud dashboard for increased protection should your password be exposed.

Data Purging

On request by you we will completely purge all data pertaining to yourself from our systems so that their is no record of your information we hold ( excluding payment data )

Offsite Backups

Data is backed up daily offsite for increased protection and only via SSL over private networks. No personal data is ever traverses over the internet.

Strict Privacy Codes

OneHost Cloud abides by the data protection act and implement procedures as setup under these legislations in order to be compliant with privacy regulations.


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