Purchase Your Own Premium Onion Address

Premium Onion Discounts

OneHost Cloud has spent much time and computing power to generate some Premium Onion Addresses for use on the Dark Web. We are constantly generating premium onions for both the dark web and also the general web over tor.

Premium Tor Onion Addresses

Discounts: 2 onions  – 5%  – 3 onions 10 % – 4 onions 25% – 5 plus 50%

The more premium Tor Onion Addresses your purchase the bigger the discount.

Premium Tor Onion Addresses

Current Premium Onion Addresses

Current Stocks and Available Premium Onion Addresses.

  • TheKingxxxxxxxxxx.onion
  • Shoppingxxxxxxxxx.onion
  • Marketxxxxxxxxxxx.onion
  • TheShopxxxxxxxxxx.onion
  • DrugMktxxxxxxxxxx.onion
  • Cardersxxxxxxxxxxx.onion
  • Torhostxxxxxxxxxxx.onion

Need Your Own a Tor Hidden Website ?

We offer the more user friendly Tor Hosting with a dedicated control panel complete with Apache/Nginx Proxy, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, SSH Access, File Manager and Much Much More!!


We are almost complete in composing our new Tor Hosting videos so stay tuned and subscribe to our YourTube Channel. In the meantime you may view our older Tor Hidden Service Hosting which uses the same control panel.