We have been hard at work optimizing and configuring the best possible Remote Desktop solution for our pentesting Virtual Private Servers and we think we have come up with the best solution currently available in the market today.

OneHost Cloud & Security is the ONLY hosting provider that offers a full range of Pentesting Distros to use of our VMware/Openstack platform. Security professionals and amateur pentesters can utilize our Cloud infrastructure to perform high performance pentesting and using our 10Gbit Network.
The uptake of our Pentesting VPS Machines has been fantastic and we look forward to expanding our range of distros in the coming months. Currently we offer the following Pentesting Distributions:-

  • Latest Kali Linux 2016.2
  • Backbox 4.6
  • Parrot Security 3.5
We have the NoMachine remote desktop application pre-installed so the only thing customers need to do is download the NoMachine client software from the NoMachine website and follow our tutorials in our knowledgebase or watch our NoMachine videos.
The NoMachine software allows Remote Desktop access in full screen just like the Windows RDP service. NoMachine even allows you to use your local peripherals such as printers and USB keys on your remote VPS.To purchase or try our Pentesting VPS visit our website https://onehostcloud.hosting  and select the options and build your scalable  Cloud Pentesting VPS.