OneHost Cloud & Security was mentioned in the recent April Edition of the popular Pentest Magazine.

The edition with the headline ‘BulletProof Your Docker’ has a few interesting articles, specifically the article on page 87 titled ‘Quantum of Solace’ authored by Bruce Williams. This article explains the OODA theory to a Penetration testbed.

“The OODA testbed is designed to test the decision making of students. Some students suffer
paralysis by analysis – taking too long to act. That is the time to get from Decide to Act in OODA.”

OneHost Cloud & Security provided the necessary Pentest VPS Instances for Mr Williams to test and give practical examples of this theory. We provided 1 x Instance of our Kali Linux VPS and 1 x Instance of a OWASP Security Shepherd.

Quoting Mr Williams and the article:-

“The guys at OneHost Cloud and Security (shortened to OneHost Cloud) set up a Kali using NoMachine
and an image of Security Shepherd. This allows easy and fast deployment, which is great for training.
They have a front end portal for looking after your deploys.”

OneHost Cloud is at the forefront of Pentesting Hosting where we are the premier provider of Pentesting Instances to security professionals and amateur hobbyists. Our range of Pentesting Distros include Kali Linux, Backbox and Parrot Security with more being added to our range soon.

In addition OneHost Cloud provides FREE proxy and VPN services for our customers to use with their Pentesting Instances and we have even created a script that allows customers to use our VPN service inside their VPS and still access the Instance using their original public IP address. By running this script ( but modifying it to suit your IP addressing scheme ) you can connect to your Instance using our NoMachine remote desktop with your original public IP. All your traffic that leaves your VPS Instance will be routed via the VPN gateway and not your public IP. This will ensure that your public IP will stay protected when completing your pentest.

OneHost Cloud can provision Instances very fast – in as little as 120 seconds and after this you will have a fully functional Kali Linux, Backbox or Parrot Security Virtual Private Server on our super fast 10Gbit Network.

The article starts on page 87.

Pentest Magazine is only available to subscribers so if you are interested in subscribing you can visit here or for the direct link to the April Edition you can visit here.