Parrot Security VPS

Parrot Security is the ultimate distribution for cyber security professionals

Powerful Tools

Parrot Security VPS Hosting comes packed with 100's tools pre-installed including Maltego, SqlMap, Metasploit, Social Engineering Toolkit and much much more.

Latest Scripts

Once a new Parrot Security distribution is released our team goes to work testing and optimizing to ensure it will perform on our cloud hosting cluster.

Become a reseller

Sign up for our reseller program and start selling your own Parrot Security VPS machines to your own customers.

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Optimized Parrot Security OS

We currently have over 8500 Pentesting virtual machines running and are the largest and #1 hosting provider for pentesting cloud machines.

Kali Linux VPS Hosting

Ethical Hacking & Bug Bounties

Enhance your cyber pentesting performance by utilizing our Parrot Security VPS Hosting service that provides high speed network performance combined with enterprise dedicated servers.

Our Pentesting VPS will enhance your pentesting & bug bounties by providing anywhere access to your remote virtual server thanks to our in-built noMachine remote desktop application. Connect to your Parrot Security VPS machine securely via the noMachine client application which is compatible on any device such as PC, iOS, Android and more.

Secure your business applications & network

Our pentesting solutions with Parrot Security can provide IT staff a remote session where you can test for vulnerabilities in your corporate network or business applications.

Deploy Quickly

Get up and running quickly thanks to our fast provisioning system. Get online in less than 60 seconds.

Latest Parrot Security 4.5.1

We provide the latest distribution of Parrot Security OS so you can be assured that once your Pentesting VPS machine is provisioned you will have all the latest tools to commence your project.

  • Desktop Environments

    OneHost Cloud provides many pentesting distributions depending on your preference. Customers can select from either Kali Linux Gnome, Kali Linux XFCE, Backbox & Parrot Security.

  • Optimized Performance

    Utilizing our 10Gbit network backbone our Pentesting machines will never be lacking bandwidth. Additionally we only use Solid State Disks via our SAN array for fast IOPS and performance .

    Need more resources ? We offer up to 8GB Memory however those customers wanting more we can provide a Pentesting VPS up to 32 GB and 8 Cores if required. Contact us for a quote and details.

  • European Location

    We have been offering Kali Linux VPS Hosting for the past 4 years in our French datacenter. Later in 2019 we will be expanding our penetesting cloud to include Singapore, Australia and Canada.

  • Parrot Security VPS Hosting
  • Parrot Security VPS Hosting
  • Backbox VPS Hosting
Kali Linux VPS Hosting
2GB Parrot VPS

Per Month, USD.

Purchase Plan
  • 1 Core E5 Gold CPU
  • 2GB ECC Memory
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 100Mbit Port
  • SSH & Console Access
  • noMachine Remote Desktop
  • Cloud Dashboard
4GB Parrot VPS

Per Month, USD.

Purchase Plan
  • 4 Core E5 Gold CPU
  • 4GB ECC Memory
  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • 200Mbit Port
  • SSH & Console Access
  • noMachine Remote Desktop
  • Cloud Dashboard
3GB Parrot VPS

Per Month, USD.

Purchase Plan
  • 1 Core E5 Gold CPU
  • 3GB ECC Memory
  • 80GB SSD Storage
  • 100Mbit Port
  • SSH & Console Access
  • noMachine Remote Desktop
  • Cloud Dashboard
8GB Parrot VPS

Per Month, USD.

Purchase Plan
  • 4 Core E5 Gold CPU
  • 8GB ECC Memory
  • 200GB SSD Storage
  • 300Mbit Port
  • SSH & Console Access
  • noMachine Remote Desktop
  • Cloud Dashboard

100's Pentesting Tools

Our Pentesting VPS Hosting provides 100's tools as standard in all our Kali Linux images. Need more ? Install your own tools & scripts to suit your pentesting campaign.

Latest Parrot Security 4.5.1

We employ the latest Pentesting distro on our cloud platform. Once a new release is available our team gets to work testing and deploying it for customers to use.

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Metasploit Framework

The world's most used penetration testing framework ... A collaboration between the open source community and Rapid7

Learn More

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process

Learn More

Maltego Teeth

Maltego is a unique platform developed to deliver a clear threat picture to the environment that an organization owns and operates

Learn More


Armitage is a scriptable red team collaboration tool for Metasploit that visualizes targets, recommends exploits, and exposes the advanced post-exploitation features in the framework.

Learn More New

Social Engineering Toolkit

SET is an open-source penetration testing framework designed for Social-Engineering. SET has a number of custom attack vectors that allow you to make a believable attack in a fraction of the time.

Learn More
OneHost Cloud
High Performance

We have optimized our Pentesting VPS Hosting for the best possible performance for our customers..

Launch Quickly

Our provisoning system will have you up and running within 60 seconds.

Perfect for Cyber Professionals

Our customers include many top cyber security companies that want the freedom of remote pentestng.

Cloud Dashboard

Our dashboard provides full control over your VPS including re-installation/rebuild anytime.



Our starter plan provides basic performance for customers and is great value for cyber teams.

Value Purchase Now

noMachine Remote Desktop

All our Parrot Security VPS Hosting machines come with pre-insalled noMachine Remote Desktop for easy access to your virtual machine.

Kali Linux VPS Hosting

Ideal for remote access

Our team tested many different remote desktop access applications and noMachine outperformed them all. Customers can acces their virtual machines as well as upload files, shared local storage, printers and much much more.

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Kali Linux VPS Hosting

Multiple Devices Support

Customers can access their Parrot Security VPS using the noMachine desktop application ( Linux, Windows, MacOS ), Android/iOS mobile device and more.

noMachine Articles »
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Watch our demo to see just how easy you can access your machine using noMachine and its performance and features.

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  • OneHost Cloud's dedicated to delivering robust hosting services with airtight security is helping small businesses worldwide scale and broadcast their brands online. Read More
    Sean G.
  • Best. customer. service. Seriously, I opened a ticket and they were so helpful and really seemed to care about my experience.
    Gabby V.
    Sydney, AU
  • My Wordpress site was easy to setup and with their free SSL it was easy to also secure my site and get online without any fuss.
    Robert S.
    Brisbane, AU
  • This is the best overall experience I have had and the team was willing to offer expert advise on securing my site and optimizing its performance....very happy!!
    Tony D.
    Toronto, CA
  • ““I work for a major cyber security company and our remote support staff including myself uses OneHost Cloud for our Kali Linux pentesting work which is amazing and recommended.””
    Robert S.
    Brisbane. AU

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I get my Pentesting VPS ?

Upon successful payment your Parrot Security VPS will be provisioned automatically within 60 seconds.

What are the payment methods available ?

We offer many different methods including credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

We have corporate and enterprise arrangements that our pricing team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for info.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

Can I use my own domain ?

All plans come with FREE DNS so you can add your domain via our cloud dashboard however a domain is not a requirement for our Kali Linux VPS.

Are their any restrictions ?

Unlike other providers such as Amazon AWS we do not impose any restrictions except excessive bandwidth use, DDoS or other type of flooding