Our Team

Our experienced and passionate team is what makes OneHost Cloud tick and without their dedication and hard work we would not exist.

Meet The Team

We have a great reliable team who works diligently to provide expert advice, support and expertise to our valued customers.

Ben McGuire

Ben McGuire


Mr McGuire is our Founder and oversees the management and operations of Hyperion Enterprises. Mr McGuire has over 20 years experience in networking, security & virtual infrastructure including VMware & OpenStack

Kirsty Barnes

Kirsty Barnes

Head Cyber Operations

Kirsty brings her vast experience in Cyber Security and Penetration testing. Ms Barnes has worked for a number of Government organizations and global public cloud providers. Her dedication to keeping our cloud secure is imperative to our operations

Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton


Paul is our Chief Technology Officer who controls and manages our global initiatives and cloud expansion. He manages our solutions teams and contributes to our sales and marketing including new business

"Our privacy ensures customers remain protected from all forms of privacy violations"

– Ben McGuire, Founder OneHost Cloud

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