OneHost Cloud and Security has been hard at work the past few months designing, developing and building their Openstack Cloud service.

For months our team has spent long sleepless night s getting things just right and we are now in the final stages of testing ready for the ‘Going Live’ on the 1st November 2016. Our new Cloud Platform will allow our VPS Hosting customers to benefit from high availability, faster provisioning, easier and instant upgrades and better performance.

Openstack is an open source platform that allow Hosting Providers to configure and maintain a highly reliable and secure hosting environment to better serve their customers and to bring the latest technology to them. Based on Ubuntu it is fast becoming the world’s go to system to high end hosting as there is literally thousands of developers all working together to update and implement new features to each release. OneHost Cloud & Security is running the latest ‘Newton” release which from what we have seen during testing it is packed with features and this will allow us to further expand our Hosting business by streamlining our VPS Machines and to provide better and more secure Penetration Distributions to our Security Professionals.

Those new customers who wish to try out our services can take advantage of our FREE 24 hour trial where you can try out any of our services free of charge – then if you are happy you can upgrade to a paid service where you will become part of th OneHost Cloud family and enjoy the new features and service asnd also witness and see us grow into a premier Hosting Provider.