What do we mean when we say OneHost Cloud Values Privacy & Security ?

When customers ask is my data safe and private most cloud hosting providers will almost always say an unequivocal yes without giving it a second thought however the reality is a little different. All one needs to do is peruse some of the biggest Web and Cloud Hosting providers such as Digital Ocean, BlueHost and GoDaddy and it becomes apparent that the situation is somewhat different. Yes, they will keep your data private but in terms of privacy that is a in a grey area. While almost all will never allow your data to be leaked and/or in the hand of hackers, what if they are asked by a government department or law enforcement ? Your can bet they will always provide this information without a second thought. In recent times there was DreamHost that received a subpoena from the United States government to hand over information pertaining to any al all users that access a particular website that DreamHost had on their servers. Applause goes to DreamHost for not bending to the bullying tactics by the US government the challenged to order and end up getting the order heavily changed to only provide little information.

While DreamHost is one of the few hosting providers that would challenge such orders many if not all would rather give up their customers privacy rights and give any and all information rather than spend month challenging these constitutionally illegal orders.

So where does OneHost Cloud come in ? Since our inception some 4 years ago we have always reminded customers that their security and privacy was our highest priority and would never share any information to any one UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. To date we stand by this and I can tell you that in the 4 years we have only received two requests for information regarding customers. These were both from French Police. We had received an email from their cyber crime division requesting information and if we dd not provide it they would seek a court order and force us to hand over the information. We this type of bullying does not go down well with me or my company. I spoke with our lawyer to get some advise ( not that I listen to such advice ) who said by law we would need to comply wish any lawful order. This obviously goes against our privacy policy regarding protecting customers information so there was no way I was ever going to allow that to happen…… needless to say later that evening our support engineers logged some errors via our Cloud Platform and as such those two Cloud Instances ended up becoming infected with malware which encrypted all data, I know I am a lucky man but as I would never allow customers data to be given to anyone I asked myself,  “what are the odds that in the 4000 Cloud Instances we have that those two got infected ” ?  The customers of those machines still have no idea how that malware prevented any chance of their information becoming evidence and to this day the customers have no idea just what lengths OneHost Cloud will go to in order to protect our customers privacy and the security of their Cloud Instances.


Ben McGuire

Head of Cyber Operations

OneHost Cloud