Kali Linux is the go-to Pentesting Distribution for seasoned professional pentesters and amateur hackers. Kali Linux has a broad user base and has been on top of the pentesting distributions for the past 10 years.

For security and amateur pentesting the usual way to install and run Kali Linux is to boot the Kali Linux ISO on a virtual platform such as Virtualbox or VMware Workstation and do this on your local PC or laptop. While this may be a good solution for some, others require more bandwidth and much more computing power for their pentests. This is where OneHost Cloud comes in with our Cloud Pentesting Machines.

We have worked extremely hard to build and develop a performance and security based infrastructure to offer Cloud Virtual Machines for customers. We have a high performance 10Gbit Network and we have built the latest Kali Linux on our OpenStack Cloud Platform. OpenStack allows us to provision Kali Linux VPS Machines extremely quickly and customers can customize their Instance upon ordering or throughout their monthly plan at any time. Increase the memory, CPU and storage of your Instance. If you require more memory one month for a complex pentest you can temporarily add additional memory then when done you can remove that memory so you are not paying for memory you do not need.

Our default Kali Linux packages come with 50GB SSD Storage, 2GB Memory and 1vCPU – all this on our 10Gbit high speed network. To simplify remote access we have pre-installed the NoMachine Remote Desktop software so you can access your Kali Instance via a similar application as the Microsoft Remote Desktop. As we have pre-installed the server software all customers need to do is download the free client software from the NoMachine website, enter your public IP, user name and password and you will be welcomed with your very own Kali Linux desktop in full screen. As we have optimized our Kali Linux Images customers will enjoy fast and trouble free use of their Instance.

Provisioning of our Pentesting Cloud Instances takes less than 120 seconds so after your order is completed our provisioning system, takes care of provisioning and once complete you will receive your temporary password via email and once your service is marked ‘Active’ you simply view your public IP in your client area and connect via SSH or as stated before, the NoMachine Remote Desktop software.

To further provide customers with the best possible experience we also provide customers with a free VPN to use with their Kali VPS and provide a script and instructions on how to use our VPN inside your VPS Machine and still access via your public IP. Our script configures your gateway so that traffic leaving your VPS exits via the VPN and traffic entering via the NoMachine port and SSH port enters via the normal public IP address. If this is not enough we also provide a FREE proxy server for customers to use also. We provide these additional services so that customers can protect their public IP address from any logging from remote servers while pentesting.

What makes OneHost Cloud’s pentesting machines superior to those that Amazon AWS provides is that customers have access to 24/7 support by our team of dedicated security professionals and engineers to provide instant support and advice. AWS does not provide any form of support for configuration issues or provide any form of assistance to customers other than providing support for infrastructure related issues. In addition, OneHost has done all the hard work of setting up remote desktop and remote access. If you try and use Kali Linux on AWS you would need to ( as they advise ) to setup complex SSH tunnels and connect via VNC. This in effect complicates connectivity and VNC does not have any of the features of NoMachine such as file transfers between remote host and local host vice-versa, resolution settings, various encryption offers, quality customizations and much much more.
Further, when using Kali Linux on AWS to do any form of Pentesting you need to notify AWS via a form which could take days and scanning third party networks is strictly forbidden according to AWS policies. This is where OneHost Cloud has simplified Pentesting for customers – we do not require any forms or we do not impose any restrictions. And lastly OneHost Cloud Kali Linux Instance are cheaper than that of AWS. From the latest pricing from AWS they charge a little above $19 for half the storage and only 1GB RAM whereas OneHost Cloud provides full SSD 50GB and minimum of 2GB RAM for less than $15 per month and for less than $40 you can upgrade to 4GB RAM!!!

We have provided video tutorials on setup and guide you through the initial setup and configuration however we have made it as simple as possible and most customers have themselves up and running in a matter of minutes.

Need a new public IP address ? Customers can request a new public IP at anytime ( 1 change per month ) and also customers can create full backups of their Kali images for easy restoration in case of misconfiguration.

In addition to the latest Kali Linux 2017.1, OneHost Cloud also provides Backbox and Parrot Security with more being added in the near future.

Footnote:  We will be adding a full OpenStack Horizon interface for customer access in the next few weeks. This will provide further additional functions for customers such as changing IP addresses, SSH Keys, Passwords and various rebuild options.