OneHost Cloud & Security are pleased to announce that we have just been awarded the award to ‘Excellence In Customer Service’ by HostAdvice.

We at OneHost Cloud & Security has striven to continually provide exceptional service and support to all our current and future customers. Our support response times are far above the standard for Hosting Providers and we will continue to improve on these existing times which at the moment are an average of 27 minutes. While this number seems high to us more than 95{de1057fcf39365da6bc8e0d7e1ff82afd9d2038b2a9cca06bc963838b941c688} of support tickets are answered within 10mins and resolved within the hour.

Our customer and technical support teams can be contacted via multiple avenues namely our chat module on our website, any of our social media profiles ( Facebook, Twitter, Google + ) and our online support ticketing system.

While we continue to improve on our existing services and products we always enjoy receiving advice and recommendations from our customers so that we can provide the services that our customers want and need rather than what we think they want. Should you have any recommendations please feel free to drop us a line anytime or give us a call and speak to one of our staff.
You can view our award posted on our website here or on the Hostadvice website here.

OneHost Cloud looks forward to receiving many more awards as we continue to grow and improve.