OneHost Cloud is a Public Cloud & Shared Hosting provider specializing in Cyber Security Cloud Pentesting Servers running the latest Kali Linux distribution. For the past 3 years we have provided our Kali Linux Virtual Machines to hundreds of Cyber Security companies and professional bug bounty and Pentesting security individuals. During this year ( 2018 ),  we have experienced a huge expansion in the uptake of the Pentesting arm of our public cloud and as of today we have 8173 virtual machines running Kali Linux deployed in our French Datacenter. Due to this rapid growth and customer requests, we will be expanding our Pentesting arm of OneHost Cloud by deploying our dedicated enterprise servers to additional worldwide locations. These locations are not yet confirmed however, we are considering Canada, Singapore and Poland. Once we complete our due diligence we will advise of the exact locations and customers will be able to deploy their Kali Linux Virtual Machines to these locations in addition to our current France location.

We have had an extremely positive year and we are now expanding into other regions. Naturally, this expansion is costly and we have received a $2.5 Million Dollar ( $2,500,000 ) private funding agreement in order to expand and promote the future growth of both our public cloud and Pentesting machines. These monies will be utilized to purchase new enterprise servers and upgrading our core routers and security infrastructure. Our management team has identified aspects of our business where we need to improve which includes our anti-fraud systems, support portal and knowledge base. We will be implementing these improvements at the beginning of 2019 in order to assist future and current customers and to provide a superior support experience.

As always we value customers options and input and welcome any feature request or comments regarding our hosting so we can take this to improve and provide functions and features customers want in a cloud hosting provider.

per : John Hamilton

Ben McGuire

Founder & CEO

OneHost Cloud Limited