OneHost Cloud-South Africa

OneHost Cloud is pleased to announce our latest contract which was signed off last Friday 26th June 2020.

OneHost Cloud has signed a deal with a major Cyber Security company in Johannesburg, South Africa.  This contact is valued at $296,000 over 2 years where OneHost Cloud will provide Cyber Security Penetration Virtual Machines in the form of Kali Linux.

This South African Cyber Security Provider and its partnership with OneHost Cloud will allow them to maintain their cyber tools and remote testing frameworks to ensure businesses in South African remain secure and to provide a robust deployment architecture.

The infrastructure that OneHost Cloud provides allows for fast and enterprise bandwidth and hardware to ensure peak performance of the virtual machines running Kali Linux operating system.

This latest contract will ensure OneHost Cloud maintains its dominance in the Cyber Security infrastructure arena and to increase revenue for the 2020 financial year.

Founder and Head of Cyber Operations Ben McGuire said last week, ” We are pleased to begin yet another partnership to ensure continued growth of OneHost Cloud and its partners. I thank my dedicated team of their dedication and hard work in building OneHost Cloud where it is today“.

Kirsty Barnes

Cyber Analyst ( Intel )