Cloud Pentesting

OneHost Cloud is happy to announce a major partnership with a Malaysian cybersecurity firm this week.

For over 2 months we have been in discussions with the firm who we cannot make public due to non-disclosure agreements but we can divulge the terms and ongoing relationship.

In accordance with the terms OneHost Cloud will be providing our cloud pen testing machines with Kali Linux and Backbox for a five year period. The contract value excluding any custom functions is worth $482,000 over 5 years.

This partnership is on of many that we have and we aim to further build our pentesting cloud customers with both our cybersecurity partners and ethical hackers who have been using our cloud pentesting solutions for the past 3 years.

Founder Ben McGuire said the following when asked about the new partnership.

“It has been a lengthy discussion and we are proud that big cybersecurity firms are identifying that cloud pentesting services such as the ours will ensure businesses and networks can be further strengthened from external and internal attacks.”

OneHost Cloud will continue to further seek business relationships and further expand our pentesting cloud throughout Asia and Canada to compliment our existing infrastructure in Europe.