Many customers are moving away from the better know Apache Web Server to Nginx. We say it is about time as Nginx is far superior in our view.

Not only is Nginx lighter, faster and can handle more connections but there is so much you can do with it if you have the time and skills to do it.

What we have done is setup our entire WordPress Managed Hosting on Nginx by using Nginx Proxy and multiple Nginx Clusters to provide a fast and secure WordPress Hosting environment for our customers.

Apart from WordPress we also have dedicated virtual templates that we have configured to work seamlessly for fast and secure web site hosting. Talk to us today and we will provide a setup that yo will find far superior to other hosting providers out there. Hell, we will even setup the Nginx webserver for you so all you need to do if upload your content. In addition all our web sites that we configure come with FREE SSL certificates thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

Not convinced? Well try us for free and if you are not satisfied after 7 days we will provide a FULL refund – no questions asked.

For more information visit our Cloud Hosting page.