Plesk Control Panel

New Plesk Control Panel plus Docker Comes To OneHost Cloud

OneHost Cloud is proud to announce the addition of our New Plesk Control Panel to our list our shared hosting control panels.

We have been an avid supporter of cpanel for a long time now and recently we committed ourselves to find out a little more about the most recent Plesk Onyx version and we must say that it is fantastic.

With the addition of NGINX proxy and PHP-FPM we can easily setup and WordPress site with one click and have a full functioning WordPress site powered by Apache with an NGINX proxy along with PHP7. Plesk makes it easy to host a WordPress site thanks to Let’s Encrypt and its easy to install plugins combined with its auto security checking and all from the Plesk Dashboard.

But, the best part is the addition of running Docker images directly from Plesk. We have added a huge list of Docker images for customers to install to get any application up and running with minimal of fuss.

So what is Docker?

Docker is a tool that can package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server. … Because Docker containers are so lightweight, a single server or virtual machine can run several containers simultaneously.

Developers using Docker don’t have to install and configure complex databases nor worry about switching between incompatible language toolchain versions. When an app is dockerized, that complexity is pushed into containers that are easily built, shared and run. Onboarding a co-worker to a new codebase no longer means hours spent installing software and explaining setup procedures. Code that ships with Dockerfiles is simpler to work on: Dependencies are pulled as neatly packaged Docker images and anyone with Docker and an editor installed can build and debug the app in minutes.