In time for the new year and 2018 we have been creating a new look website with new information and products as well as our Extended Validation SSL Certificate. One main product is our Containers as a service where we have built a platform based on VMware and Docker to run performance based and secure docker containers. More information will be coming in a separate post.

To further improve our business trust we have implemented an Extended Validation SSL Certificate which adopts the green bar with our company name embedded. This SSL certificate allow customers to be sure that OneHost Cloud has gone through a tough vetting process that all businesses go through in order to given a EV SSL Certificate. Comodo verifies all aspects of our company and validates these details through third party databases and the Company Registration entity. This is just the first of many changes to our business and website as we have many new products that our team has been busy in the last quarter of 2017.

Our new website here offers a less cluttered look and we have removed some pages that we felt confused customers. Now we have a less is more approach and with a large support site customers can be assured that all support requests can be dealt with via our support site or our support ticketing system where 98{de1057fcf39365da6bc8e0d7e1ff82afd9d2038b2a9cca06bc963838b941c688} of the time requests are responded to within 5 minutes.

Our new website has been optimized for speed and all images and CSS content has been highly optimized by our experienced WordPress team. Customers can look forward to many many more additions to both our website and our product range in 2018.