We have recently built and introduced our new NGINX Cpanel Hosting located in our France Datacenter. For a number of years we have relied on our Cpanel Cluster in the United States but due to customer demand and our privacy protections we thought ir prudent that we build a cpanel server in Europe so that customers who wish not to have their website located in the United States can have the option of two locations.

Our US based Cpanel Hosting is the usual Apache webserver that as we all know can sometimes be inherently slow especially with WordPress sites. Knowing this we have specially built and use a NGINX Control Panel located via Cpanel so that customers can fully manage their NGINX webserver with ease.

There are a number of unique features in our new NGINX Shared Hosting including XSS protection, Forged Header Protections, SQL Injection and many other website protections that will see your site protected from almost all forms of attacks. Additionally there is also DDoS Protection enabled however as we have DDoS protection iin our external networks this feature would rarely be utilized. And lastly customers can select between a hybrid NGINX/Apache configuration where NGINX is used as a proxy and Apache managing the web requests, also NGINX can manage the sites static content and Apache the dynamic or customers can elect to have full NGINX where their site will have the full NGINX webserver along with PHP-FPM and full NGINX caching service to allow for super fast page loads and increased performance.

Lastly customers wish to have increased protection and privacy should select our NGINX hosting as we can better protect customers sites from DMCA requests and other requests. Soon we will also be introducing our Hosting Privacy platform where we will have a hidden Cpanel server that uses a number of tunneling proxies so the actual server and host remains private. Our senior engineers including our most experienced staff member Kristy is heading this build and we are excited to offer yet another unique hosting service that no other hosting provider has ever offered. This is just another way OneHost Cloud is taking care of Hosting Privacy and Government Spying.