We have completed the major platform upgrade and combining this we have added the latest Kali Linux 2016.2 version to our VPS Hosting Pentesting images.

All our customers that were using the previous version have now been allocated a brand new VPS with the new version so they can continue their penetration testing with the performance and feature of Kali Linux.

By default we have decided to allow all ingress and egress ports open as we have had feedback from current customers that they wish to manage their own firewall. Those few that wish to have their VPS protected by our firewall can provide a list of ports they need closed and open and we will create a specific firewall setting just for your VPS.

We have some major projects coming up including routing Kali Linux through the Tor network. Our engineers have been hard at work building the transparent proxy so that customers who wish to route all their traffic through Tor can submit a support ticket and we will flick a switch and all your Kali Linux VPS traffic will be routed through the Tor network. We will announce soon when this feature is available to the public as we have some further testing to complete before we make it live.

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