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Backbox 5.3 Now Available – Backbox VPS Hosting

To further compliment our existing Kali Linux VPS Hosting and due to many requests we have now added the latest Backbox 5.3 Pentesting distribution to our pentesting cloud platform.

New customers can select our pentesting cloud VPS machines and select BackBox 5.3 as the OS distribution. Existing customers can also take advantage of Backbox by simply reinstalling their OS and selecting Backbox.

Backbox is a powerful pen testing distro that allows ethical hackers, cybersecurity professionals and pentesters alike to utilise this powerful operating system to carry out various exploits using the included pen testing tools.

What is Backbox ?

BackBox, also known as BackBox Linux, is a variant of the Linux operating system that is based on Ubuntu. It comes bundled with many tools for performing network penetration testing, security testing, and ethical hacking. It can be used to sniff packets on a network, reverse engineer compiled programs, and other tasks that might be required of a security expert.

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