Kali LInux VPS Hosting

When a new version is available we get to work testing and configuring our cloud images for performance and reliability. Being the #1 Pentesting Provider we attain the highest standards in our Kali Linux Cloud Images



Kali LInux VPS Hosting

Our #1 seller here as it is packed with features including, Maltego, Metasploit Framework, SET, SqlMap, Nessus, Wireshark  and many many more. Browse our Knowledge Base for Pentesting Books and Guides to get your started.



Kali LInux VPS Hosting

We have pre-configured and installed the Fast NoMachine Remote Desktop software for full screen RDP Access. Transfer files between your local computer and your Kali Linux VPS. In addition you can use your printer and USB devices from your local machine on your VPS for even more flexibility



Kali LInux VPS Hosting

After your order is processed your Kali Linux VPS will be ready in less than 60 seconds fully installed a running ready to access via our NoMachine Remote Desktop or SSH. Fast 10Gbit Network Interfaces on all our dedicated servers see our cloud pentesting instances perform with extreme throughput. Customers can backup their VPS anytime with live snapshots direct from their portal.

Metasploit Framework in Kali

One great feature built in to Kali Linux is the Metasploit Framework. While ‘msfconsole’ brings it up, ‘msfupdate’ can update the Metasploit framework. Just like in Backtrack, POSTGRESQL is used to store the database.The guys from offensive security and rapid7 (individuals behind the Metasploit project).

At the request of Rapid7, The team has removed the Metasploit Community / Pro package from the Kali Linux and now host the open-source Metasploit-framework package only. For all of you who require the Community or Pro version, then you have to download it from the Rapid7 site and then sign up and submit your personal details to get a Metasploit license however our advice is this is not needed and our team at OneHost Cloud does not use a licensed version.

300+ PenTesting tools

Tools are mostly the same as those found in Backtrack. However, within the Kali Linux menu, 10 Safety tools have been highlighted as the Top 10. Anybody who has worked on BT would have no trouble guessing which tools would be out there on Kali and which have to be grabbed from the repositories. More than three hundred tools come packaged with Kali that is sufficient to serve the needs of most PenTests. The Top 10 tools in Kali Linux are as follows:

  • Aircrack-ng – For wireless Cracking
  • Burp Suite – For Web Applications Pentesting
  • Hydra – For on-line Brute-Forcing of Passwords
  • John – For offline Password Cracking
  • Maltego – For Intelligence Gathering
  • Metasploit Framework – For Exploitation
  • Nmap – For Network Scanning
  • Owasp-zap – For finding vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Sqlmap – For exploiting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Wireshark – Network Protocol Analyzer

For those wanting a Virtual Machine on a high speed network to carry out their pentesting will enjoy the unique service that OneHost Cloud offers. Our customers include other Cyber Security companies, blue chip corporations and professional pentesters. We are always looking at ways to improve our pentesting instances and adding new functions and features regularly.

Plans & Pricing

Listed below our awesome kali linux vps hosting packages. You can select any below or configure your own during check out!
Remember you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Kali Starter

$ 14.99 /MO

  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 vCPU
  • VMware + OpenStack Virtualization
  • 120 Second Provisioning
  • Remote Desktop

Kali Premium

$ 22.99 /MO

  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 3GB RAM
  • 1 vCPU
  • VMware + OpenStack Virtualization
  • 120 Second Provisioning
  • Remote Desktop

Kali Ultimate

$ 36.99 /MO

  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU
  • VMware + OpenStack Virtualization
  • 120 Second Provisioning
  • Remote Desktop

Security Features

We ARE the #1 Kali Linux VPS Hosting provider and have designed a custom OpenStack & VMware platform for high performance and optimized throughput to give our customers the best possible network bandwidth and best of all all our VPS products have UNLIMITED traffic.

Warning Users

While we aim to provide a unique service for security professionals there will be those that use our service for malicious purposes. While we cannot stop everyone all we ask is for customers to protect our public IP Addresses by using VPN or Proxies so that our IP’s are not exposed when pentesting. Any alerts we receive from customers blantently using our public IP’s for malicous purposes without adopting proper OPSec will have their service terminated. Customers need to work with us and we can continue to provide Pentesting Services for everyone.

Pentesting Guides

Browse our Knowledge Base to access our range of Hacking eBooks

Mobile Access

By using our pre-installed NoMachine remote desktop software you can even access your Kali Linux VPS from any mobile device

Full Knowledge Base

We have complied a huge list of Knowledge Base tutorials to assist with any setup or configuration issues you may have

Expert Engineers

OneHost Cloud is fortunate enough to have expert pentesting engineers on board to assist with any matters you may have

Proxies & VPN

We advise customers to use a VPN or proxy to protect your public IP and to remain anonymous when pentesting to provide further privacy

Multiple Safeguards

We have procedures in place to protect customers and their data from being identified should we receive a lawful request for information


With our pre-installed and configured NoMachine Remote Desktop you will easily be able to access your Kali Linux VPS with no hassles. Simply download the NoMachine client software and connect to your VPS…..EASY !! For more information on NoMachine you can view the product on the NoMachine website