Kali Linux VPS Hosting

Kali Linux VPS Hosting

We Kali Linux !!

Get the Power and Performance of your own Dedicated Cloud Pentesting VPS with Kali Linux and noMachine Remote Desktop Access for High Performance Pentesting Computing


To compliment our existing Kali Linux VPS Hosting we have now added and created a new template which allows customers to now run Kali Linux on Windows 10. We have pre-built Kali Linux and installed Kali Linux on our Kali Linux/Windows 10 Template. Order now by selecting Windows VPS Hosting and then choosing the Kali-Windows10 Operating System when ordering.

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Cloud Based Pentesting with Kali Linux

OneHost Cloud has become the #1 Cloud Hosting Provider for ultra private and penetration testing distribution hosting. Our Kali Linux VPS machines come complete with remote desktop access as well as being built and customized for our cloud infrastructure. The performance will exceed your expectation and your business will benefit from being able to utilize our cloud based pentesting Kali Linux from our high speed network for the ultimate in external network testing.

Latest Kali Linux Release

Our Kali Linux Hosting uses the latest Kali Linux release and once a new release is available our team gets to work testing and building the new version ready for cloud deployment. Need an older version ? Just ask and we can arrange for a previous release to be available to you.

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Full Root & Remote Access

All Kali Linux VPS machines come with full root access with no limitation in the tools available for use. Fo GUI access we have pre-installed our modified noMachine Remote Desktop application for high performance remote desktop access. For temporary & emergency access you can also use noVNC however for performance it is reccommended to use noMachine as this has been extensivly testing and optimized for our Kali Linux cloud platform.

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Existing Customers

Through partnerships we provide our platform to small businesses, large multi-national companies as well as Cyber Security Professionals. Our Kali Linux VPS machines are used to assist in testing and securing networks and identifying vulnerabilties in various networks and systems and is a valuable asset to any business wanting to secure their network from hackers.

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Optimized Cloud Based Images

We spent almost 12 months testing and optimized our Pentesting Cloud Platform before launching this service. We have extensively completed many tests before finally building a solution along with custom images to provide our customers with the best in performance and Guaranteed Usability for all your Pentesting Needs.

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Need More Information ? Contact our Kali Linux Experts for Friendly Advice Support or Contact Us to learn more.

Watch Our Video Overview

Here you can watch and listen to John who briefly goes through the setup and operation of our Kali Linux VPS Hosting Machine and walks you through the cloud dashboard and the great features our Pentesting Cloud has.


We have a nunber of pre-configured packages with specific Memory, CPU and Storage. You can at any time upgrade as you needs increase or contact us for a custom plan. All plans come with RAID 10 SSD Storage Arrays with snapshot function along with full Cloud Dashboard.

Kali Linux Packages

Plan Name DDR4 RAM CPU Storage Port Price Description Sign Up
Starter 2GiB 1 vCPU 30 GiB 100/100 $12.99 All plans come with RAID 10 SSD Arrays, 2 GiB Swap space and pre-installed and configured noMachine Remote Desktop. Full Root access, 10Gbit network backbone for fast network connectivity. Sign Up
Pro 2GiB 2 vCPU 50 GiB 100/1000 $19.99 Our Pro package performs fastasic and is our most popular plan due to the increase memory and swap space as well as additional 50GiB SSD Storage Sign Up
Premium 3GiB 2 vCPU 50 GiB 100/1000 $24.99 Need that little bit extra CPU power ? We have added an additional vCPU for processing power as well as Swap space for time when you reach your memeory limit. Sign Up
Ultimate 4GiB 4 vCPU 100 GiB 100/1000 $49.99 If you are serious about pentesting then look no further than our Ultimate Plan. with 4GiB RAM and 4 vCPU's and a huge 100GiB SSD storage your Kali VPS will fly and perform any pentesting task easily. Sign Up
Pro Ultimate 8GiB 8 vCPU 200 GiB 100/1000 $99.99 It doesn't get much better than this. A massive 8GiB RAM and and huge 8 vCPU's and 200GiB SSD RAID 10 Storage. This is our flagshop package for the ultimate in pentesting hostin VPS. Sign Up

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vCPU's Memory Storage Port Monthly Price Description
1 vCPU - - - $2.99 Add additional vCPU's to your Pentesting VPS. Pricing is per VCPU added to your Kali Instance.Upgrade downgrade anytime
- 1 GiB - - $3.99 Add extra Memory to your Kali Linux VPS Machine. Upgrade downgrade anytime
- - 50GiB - $6.99 Need more storage ? Add incrememnts of 50GiB to your instance. Please note that storage cannot be downgraded only upgrade available.