Kali Linux Cloud

Our unique service that providers customers with their own dedicated Kali Linux Virtual Machine on our high performance dedicated servers in Europe

Full Root Access with No Limitations

Latest Kali Linux Version

Remote Desktop via noMachine RDP


Why Kali Linux ?

#1 Pentesting Distro

Kali Linux has become the number one pentesting distribution for experienced and amateur pentesting engineers. Our Kali images are exactly the same as if you downloaded and installed from the Kali Linux website.

noMachine & noVNC Access

All customers receive their own dedicated cloud dashboard where you can control all aspects of your Kali Linux VPS. noVNC for emergency access as well as noMachine RDP for everyday access

Instant Setup

Upon ordering and cleared payment your Kali Linux VPS Instance is automatically provisioned and setup for instant access via SSH or RDP via our pre-installed noMachine Desktop client

Mobile Access

You can use the noMachine client to also access via mobile device

Local to Remote File Sharing

noMachine allow you to copy files from your local machine to your kali instance

Rebuilt Anytime

Use your cloud dashboard to rebuild a fresh instance in seconds

Public IP Address

Ideal for reverse shells we do not use NAT so you have your own public IP

View Metrics

Visualize your Kali Linux VPS resource use via our dashboard

Enterprise Cloud

High Performance network uplinks provide extreme performance

Latest Release

When a new Kali Version is released we add it to our cloud offering so customers can easily rebuild to the new version

#1 Kali VPS Provider

We have been offering Kali Linux for the past 4 years and have become the #1 in Cloud Pentesting Solutions

Upgrade Anytime

If you need increased performance you can easily upgrade without losing data. Upgrade to a maximum 64GB Memory


Kali Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Need Something More Powerful ?

Additional Plans up to 8GB. Should you require a Kali Linux VPS with higher resources please submit a support ticket outlining your specifications and we will be happy to provide a quote for you. Special discounts for established Cyber Security Companies who sign up long term.


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I get my Kali Linux VPS ?
Depending on the type of payment method used instances are normally provisioned in as little as 60 seconds. If paying via crypto-currency provisioning will not occur until payment is fully confirmed.
Are there any restrictions ?
Any form of DDoS or SYN flooding is strictly prohibited and once we detect such activity we will terminate your service. We also advise if you are pentesting networks that will raise automatic emails for abuse we suggest using a proxy as you must implement proper OpSec to protect our IPs from abuse. Any attacks against our own servers will engage out anti-hack systems and your service will be terminated.
Can I install my own scripts ?
Customers have full root access and you can install anything you wish
What Payment Methods do you accept ?
Customers can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash.
How can I access the Kali Linux Desktop ?
We have pre-installed the noMachine Remote Desktop application which provides great performance for remote desktop access. All you need is to download the noMachine client and connect in full screen and zero lag.
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Can I use noVNC to Connect ?
While we do have the function in the cloud dashboard, noVNC is not optimized for everyday use. It is only for emergency access and you will experience poor performance when using noVNC. You should use noMachine as we have optimized its performance for use on our cloud network
Do you offer support ?
We do offer support only for the function of your VPS. We ensure your Kali Linux VPS is accessible and working. We do not provide assistance with scripts or how to use Kali Linux as there are many online guides to teach you.

Still Not Sure If Kali Linux Hosting Is Right for You?

Kali Linux Hosting is ideal for those customers who want to learn about pentesting and Cyber Security. If you want to test your company or business network then testing from a remote location such as our cloud it the best way to carry out your security testing

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Satisfaction Guaranteed

#1 Kali Linux VPS Hosting

OneHost Cloud is the premier and number one in cloud pentesting solutions offering Kali Linux to thousands of Cyber Security professionals worldwide. Instant provisioning on fast SSD’s and 10Gbit Networking

Privacy Protections

We do not provide any information to third parties and have a strict privacy policy that we adhere to. Should you need any clarification please feel free to contact our support team anytime.

30 Days of Free Hosting

We often provide discounted or free hosting to customers who are active in our online Community and offer assistance to other cloud customers through our online Community

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