Kali Linux Cloud VPS

Deploy enterprise Kali Linux VPS instances on SSD storage arrays & blazing fast 10Gbit networking. Deploy within 60 seconds.

What Is Kali Linux ?

Kali Linux VPS Hosting provides cloud based pentesting solutions for pentesters, cyber security professionals and students. Kali Linux is a premium and open source pentesting distribution used by millions in the cyber security industry.

Enterprise Performance

When running pentesting you need a reliable and fast virtual servers to ensure your code and tools are being used to their full potential and our Kali Linux VPS Hosting ensure peak performance.

The #1 Cloud Pentesting Provider

We are seasoned professionals in the cloud pentesting arena. Many other smaller providers have tried to offer Kali Linux VPS machines but have failed and this is why after 3 years we are still going strong.

Latest Kali Linux

When a new version is released our team tests and optimizes it for use on our cloud so customers receive the best performance.

SSD Storage

All our Kali VPS Hosting machines are powered by enterprise-grade local SSD storage for insane I/O performance and ultra low latency. And if you run our of space you can easily add more storage any time.

Scalable Machines

Customers can easily scale their Kali Linux VPS Machines anytime using our powerful custom cloud dashboard for easy adding resources anytime


We offer to different flavors which customers can choose which ever you are accustomed to. We find xfce offers better performance in a cloud environment

IPv4 Public IP

We do not use NAT. All our Kali Linux VPS machines have full IPv4 address attached directly to your public interface for better remote pentesting

100's Tools

By default Kali Linux comes packed with 100’s pentesting tools and scripts to carry out your pentesting against your network

Rebuild Anytime

Customers can easily rebuild their Kali Linux VPS via our dashboard and get a new and clean machine.

Remote Desktop

We have pre-installed noMachine remote desktop for full screen access to your instance.

Console Access

We offer VNC access direct to the VPS console for access when you lose connectivity due to a misconfiguration.

Latest Enterprise Intel CPUs

We have the latest Intel E5 CPUs to power our HyperCloud Instances. These CPUs are the ideal choice for enterprise cloud hosting due to their performance under load and blazing fast clock rates. No matter the application these CPU’s can certainly handle it.

VMware Virtualization

Our Kali Linux VPS hosting is powered by VMware which provides extreme performance in both networking and compute. Our Kali Hosting including up to 5TB traffic and up to 16GB RAM and more on application

"Deploying Kali Linux in the cloud allow us to secure our business applications"

– Michelle Gibbons

3GB Kali Linux

Optimized Performance
  • Dedicated 3GB Memory
  • 1 Intel Xeon Gold 6132
  • 80GB SSD Storage
  • 1Gbit Uplink
  • 4TB Traffic
  • Remote Desktop
  • noVNC Console Access
  • Rebuild/Reinstall
  • Gnome or XFCE

4GB Kali Linux

Great Performance
  • Dedicated 4GB Memory
  • 4 Intel Xeon Gold 6132
  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • 1Gbit Uplink
  • 5TB Traffic
  • Remote Desktop
  • noVNC Console Access
  • Rebuild/Reinstall
  • Gnome or XFCE

noMachine Remote Desktop

Accessing your Kali Linux VPS cannot be any easier. We have tested many softwares and noMachine provides the best in both performance and features. Share local drives, printers and connect in full screen just like Microsoft RDP. noMachine comes pre-installed in all Kali Linux VPS Machines

Instant Setup

Thanks to our custom provisioning system all Kali Linux VPS Hosting machines are provisioned within 60 seconds and cleared payment. Get yours today and start our pentesting career with Kali Linux

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