kali linux 2019.4

Kali Linux 2019.4 has been out for a little while now and we have been working hard to build our new templates based on this new release.

The new release is based on xfce which is far lighter than the older default gnome which uses far more resources than xfce.

We have had issues with customer upgrading to the new Kali Linux 2019.4 release which we have been testing and rectifying.

This issues which we have solved are :

  • Burpsuite ( Yellow Screen when opening )
  • DirBuster ( Yellow Screen when Opening – freezing )

After testing we have discovered that the latest Kali 2019.4 release comes with java 10 which currently Burpsuite DOES NOT support. We are very surprised that the Kali Linux team had not discovered this or pre-configured to use Java 8 however the Kali Linux team do a wonderful job and are highly skilled.

To resolve the issues with the two tools above we have configured these to use Java 8.

Customers upgrading from previous releases or when booting from the ISO you can run the following to use Java 8 and resolve the issues as described above:-

update-alternatives --config java

Once this command is run you will have 3 options

kali linux 2019.4

Once you select Java 8 you should be able to run Burpsuite with no further issues.

Existing customers can select our pre-built template with the changes already made by selecting Kali Linux 2019.4 or you can choose to rebuild your existing virtual server.

More information on the latest release can be found here.