OneHost Cloud is always improving and adding new functions to our existing Kali Liunx Pentesting Cloud

There has been some significant changes to Kali Linux over the years and some fantastic Pentesting tools to assist in your cloud penetration tests.

Initially the team at OneHost Cloud deployed our Kali Linux VPS Hosting using NAT and we soon learned that this was not be best option due to the difficulty in setting up reverse shells and remote access so we needed to completely rebuild our cloud pentesting platform.

It has been over 12 months since we have moved to a network that provides customers with full IPv4 addresses on the public interface and we have completely removed NAT from our pentesting cloud. This has been well received by customers and we have seem customers that once cancelled services come back once they discovered we have now removed NAT.

As many would know OneHost Cloud is the only cloud hosting provider specializing in cloud pentesting virtual machines and we have become the go to host for cyber security professionals and amateur hackers wanting to test their skills and to broaden their cyber security experience. Providing such a unique service where other providers dare not go had been a challenge as we are constantly warning customers to not attack remove networks without permission and while we cannot police this we at least ask customers to employ proper OpeSec and use a VN or proxy as to protect our public IP addresses.

Recently we have added the XFCE version of Kali Linux as this performs better than the GNOME version. Upon provisioning the XFCE will be installed however should you want another version you can easily rebuild the VM and select the GNOME version is you wish.

We offer noVNC access but while this may be the easiest way to access your machine is the NOT for everyday access as there are limits on performance and customers will not get the full performance when using noVNC. For remote desktop access we have pre-installed noMachine which provides the best performance and offers full screen, remote file transfers from local to remote and also offers connection to your local printer and other great features. All you need is to download the noMachine client for your operating system and then connect to your public IP of your Kali Linux VPS.

We are always wanting feedback from customers so if you would like to see other features or have any suggestion we would welcome any feedback you have.